Exciting Music Team Building Experiences to Engage Employees

Exciting Music Team Building Experiences to Engage Employees

Why book corporate team building with music? 

Music is all around us every single day and it is fair to say the majority of people never have the opportunity or confidence to play music in public. Therefore, a music team building activity is a fantastic way to, not only for a team to experience working together but, an opportunity to discover hidden talents as well as encouraging self-confidence and internal communication.

There is no denying that a music workshop or music team building experience is a really fun way to bond as a group. It doesn’t matter if participants have never touched an instrument or even had a go at singing as this is all part of the appeal. 

Any kind of corporate team building with music organically encourages participation and collaboration. Participants work together in a fun collective environment to learn new skills and the importance of teamwork through the performance of music.  Team building activities improve staff motivation and music is the perfect tool to bring people out of their shells and allow them to communicate with one another in a new and abstract way. 

Book corporate team building with music to engage employees

Our music workshops and team building activities are designed to develop skills such as creativity, leadership, collaboration and adaptability*, whilst building positive relationships amongst colleagues and letting them experience something new. We have services all over the world that range from your employees creating their own songs, working together in drum groups to learning how to beatbox and scratch vinyl records. Below is a handful of some of our most exciting and out of the box team building activities that are based around shared music experiences. You can also browse through our Music & Dance Team Building section for more inspiration.

Anthem Making Team Building

Exciting Music Team Building Experiences to Engage Employees

It's one thing learning an instrument or how to drum a rhythmic beat, but what about writing and recording a whole song in just one day? This is a one in a million music experience and a proper hands-on activity where participants get to achieve something incredible and will have the proof to show everyone, a fully mastered, professionally produced song of your own creation. 


Under the expert guidance of a team of established musicians, recording engineers and producers who have worked with the likes of Basement Jaxx, Taylor Swift, Craig David, Sam Smith and Elbow, this day-long activity goes through the whole process of making a smash hit song. The day includes choosing a musical genre, writing music and lyrics and recording it with all attendees going home with a fully mixed and mastered track along with footage as a memento of the day. 


“This is so successful as a group bonding activity because it provides a framework for all team members to find their collective identity, be valued, and contribute their individual strengths to the end goal - be they 'thinkers', 'do-ers', introverts or extroverts!”

Beatboxing Workshop

Channeling the inner hip-hop stars amongst your employees, this beatboxing music workshop has been designed to bring a little competition into the workplace. Staff will be taught the basics of beatboxing before teams engage in a beatboxing battle. This activity is managed by our Beatbox Trio, and guarantees to bring some excitement to the office, something we experienced first hand. 


Particularly good for younger employees, this is the best staff motivation with music for those who are little more confident, have a taste for urban music or have always wanted to beatbox. The music workshop can be a short sharp 15 minute ice breaker through to a longer hour and a half engaging employee activity.  

DJ Scratch Workshops

Exciting Music Team Building Experiences to Engage Employees

Now this is one of the most unusual music team building activities we have on offer and most certainly something participants will have never experienced before. 


The exciting vinyl scratch workshops are hosted by a three times winner of the DMC World DJ Championships whose live remixes has been played extensively on Radio 1 and BBC 1Extra. He teaches the basics of scratching using vinyl records and everybody gets to have a go behind the decks.


This is a very leftfield approach to corporate team building with music and therefore piques interest amongst different audiences. This music experience is also great if your company or brand has a specific jingle, soundbite or piece of music as the team get to play around with it and create a custom live remix.

Corporate Drumming Workshops

Exciting Music Team Building Experiences to Engage Employees

This final option is hugely popular and we have drumming groups all over the world that offer workshops. Team building activities like this are very well suited to large groups, even up into the hundreds. Everybody can have a drum, djembe, shaker or tambourine and work together as a large collective creating beats and rhythms. 


This music team building experience has options to provide workshops and drum circles where they will teach techniques and patterns as well as getting everyone working in unison, concentrating and collaborating. 


It is really easy for any of your employees to pick up a percussive instrument and even those with absolutely no rhythm or coordination (you know the ones) will find themselves in perfect time with their colleagues in no time at all. 

Team bonding music workshop in the workplace

All group engaging music experiences can be applied to a variety of events and situations but why not bring it to the workplace to add a little fun and motivation into the week? If you have a meeting room or communal area, all of these music based team building activities can set up there and surprise your employees with a fun packed morning or afternoon. 



Make sure you contact our help team to find out more about corporate team building with music anywhere in the world.

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__By Tom Drakett

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