Event Tech For Kids

Event Tech For Kids

Uncover the latest technology tailored towards the needs of younger event attendees in this short blog. We will guide you through the latest trends and reveal why children are the future for #EventProfs. To do this we will also explore how original entertainment packages can capture their attention. 

Children are fast becoming as important as their parents at events for brands, businesses and destination management companies. This is for a variety of reasons and according to Media Smarts the main one being that children have a major influence on their parents buying decisions. We also have to remember the buying power and online reach of the children themselves.

Like it or not, our children are fully invested in new technology and the media-rich world we now live in. If the youngsters at your event are having fun interactions with your brand and business it creates a positive perception of your product to the whole family. Whilst the children are engaged in your event technology, it allows sales professionals the space to talk to Mum or Dad about a service or product they are launching.

With events such as the Cybertech Conference in Rome and the 30th Symposium of Fusion Technology in Sicily, this year event profs in Italy are fast becoming aware of the possibilities of event technology to gain the engagement of the whole family. 

With children's entertainment at the forefront of #EventProfs minds not just in Italy but around the globe; we take a look at our favourite immersive event tech for kids to engage them at your event. 


Our Virtual Digital Graffiti Wall offers kids and adults the ability to create magnificent graffiti and express themselves without the mess of real paint. Let the kids loose on the virtual wall and print their branded creations for the fridge at home!


The graphics are incredibly realistic and is a one of kind, technology entertainment experience that is perfect as a stand-alone children’s entertainment option or alongside a headlining act. 


Entertainment Experiences For Children | Interactive Giant Floor Piano


Event Tech For Kids


Based in Northern Italy and available for bookings worldwide our fascinating giant floor piano is ideal event tech for kids at shopping malls, festivals, branded events and for event profs looking to gather a large audience. 


This piano is not just for the public; you can also hire two dancers and musicians who can play this giant floor piano better than most can play a regular piano. This event tech is perfect for kids and big kids alike, it’s designed to create an immersive, shared experience and encourage guests to share the event online. It’s sure to draw a crowd in no time at all


Entertainment Experiences For Children | Cyclone Ball Exhibition Game


Games and interactive event tech for kids is key when engaging children at events and keeping their attention for long periods of time. When youngsters step into this brilliant cylinder tube the challenge begins. Air blows hundreds of coloured foam balls around the cylinder and participants have to race against the clock to see how many of one colour they can pull out of the air. 


This is a great way to test children’s reactions and an opportunity for them to win branded prizes and giveaways - just make sure you have enough. In our experience the fast-paced fun is addictive and they’ll want another go!


Entertainment Experiences For Children | Glowing LED Wristbands


Glowing LED Wristbands are being used at A-list celebrity concerts all over the world and were famously pioneered by Coldplay.


Glowing LED wristbands are another great way to capture the attention of large-scale family audience with ease. This extremely versatile bit of kit has been designed specifically to create stunning light shows for a variety of events. The possible applications of this technology are incredible and we can use Glowing LED wristbands in mass participation events for city councils and of course for stadium entertainment. 


Our Glowing LED Wristbands can also be used for adults in a more corporate environment and you can find out more about this on the act page.


Event Tech For Kids


If you’re looking to create entertainment experiences for children then we are here to help you achieve your goals. 


Our Entertainment Specialists are experienced industry professionals that can help you develop children’s entertainment briefs from concept through to delivery. Get in touch with our team to discuss your objectives and together we will create the unheard-of.

__By Elliot Pettifer

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