Entertainment Trends For Fashion Events - New York Fashion Week Special

Entertainment Trends For Fashion Events - New York Fashion Week Special

As the excitement for New York Fashion Week heats up, we take a look at the top entertainment trends for fashion events all over the globe. This New York Fashion Week special that looks at the best entertainment from the runway, taking inspiration from designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen and Giambattista Valli. Our New York Fashion Week special is not to be missed. 

With the ever growing need to impress and push boundaries, New York Fashion Week is the start to the glamorous and exciting catwalks that take place across the fashion capitals from New York to London, Milan, and Paris (in that order). We have had the pleasure with working with major fashion brands such as Macy’s, Hublot, Prada and Fendi and are experts in providing entertainment for fashion event that breaks the mold and sets your event apart from the rest.

We provided our Crystal Wings Act for Hublot's World Cup closing Night


Kicking off the 2019 Spring/Summer Collections New York Fashion Week runs from 6th-14th September and is a must have in every fashionista’s calendar.


We predict that there are going to be some bold statements from the fashion houses not only in the garments their models are wearing but in how they present their brand and new lines to the masses, the media and their VIP guests. 


Entertainment Trends For Fashion Events


In Paris’ 2018 February fashion show Alexander McQueen provided front row attendees with personalised jumpers with their names embroidered into the label whilst Marc Jacobs opened a pop-up shop for his fragrance, Daisy, in New York City on the first day of Fashion Week. Formally called the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, the store accepted social currency whereby visitors received a branded gift from the store simply by using the hashtag #MJDaisyChain. A clever marketing strategy that exchanged branded Marc Jacob items for social media posts, increasing brand awareness and rewarding loyal customers for their endorsements.  



On the catwalk Giambattista Valli doused models’ faces in glitter (quite literally) taking the glitter festival trend to extravagant new levels and brightening the catwalk all at the same time. Meanwhile, in Milan, fashion house Dolce & Gabbana traded their models for drones. Showcasing their latest Fall Winter 2018/19 jewel encrusted handbag collection in a far more futuristic means than any fashion enthusiast would have ever of expected.


With technology making its way into the fashion houses collections and runways highstreet brand Topshop used virtual reality to transport shoppers to the front row of fashion week. An innovative and creative way of drawing people to their already busy Oxford Circus store in London, raising brand awareness and providing shoppers with an immersive experience that they were bound to tell their friends about!

Entertainment Trends For Fashion Events - New York Fashion Week Special

Credit: Topshop/Inition 


Fashion Entertainment for Fashion Events 


As part of this New York Fashion Week Special we are giving you all the inspiration you need to plan your next fashion event. Packed with all the entertainment trends for fashion events you need to know about, here is how you can achieve greatness at your next fashion event.


To Draw People to Your Stand or Catwalk…

If you are looking for entertainment and ideas on how to make your brand stand out either on the catwalk or at your pop up store in a fashion week festival, personal touches go a long way. With designers such as Alexander McQueen providing her FROW with beautiful designer jumpers with their names embroidered in the labels, the need to be thoughtful just got a whole lot more important. 


Fashion Illustrator


Fashion illustrators are a fantastic way to draw fashion attendees of all ages to your stand or catwalk and make your brand stand out through personalised gifts that fashion enthusiasts can take home with them instantly. A key entertainment trend for fashion events, fashion illustrators are guaranteed to excite all event goers. Great for capturing your glamorous attendees outfits and distinctive traits our illustrators can include branding and messages on every piece of artwork.

Entertainment Trends For Fashion Events - New York Fashion Week Special

Source: NYC Fashion Illustrator 


Raise Brand Awareness


With Fashion Houses such as Marc Jacobs exchanging branded gifts for social media shares as a form of currency, you too can get your brand and your fashion event out to the masses via online sharing. 


When looking at entertainment trends for fashion events, it has been said that Instagram has changed how we see the runway, with instant sharing, hashtags, live streaming and blogger interviews. Instagram is a powerful tool in shaping how people see your brand and how your audiences interact with your designs. Getting VIP’s to endorse your brand and your fashion event is crucial and a fantastic way to raise brand awareness and get people talking both on and offline. Creating spontaneous encounters does just that, catching fashion event attendees off guard with free gifts, branded items or trendy social media sharing services. 


The perfect way to reward guests at your event, our Social Media Vending Machines encourage guests to share moments on their social networks by getting guests to take a photo or send a tweet using the specified hashtag and once uploaded the vending machine releases a free giveaway. Guaranteed to create a buzz at your event these Social Media Vending Machines are perfect for raising brand awareness and creating a buzz both online and offline.



Bullet Time Photo Booth

Our Bullet Time Photo Booth is a pop up stall must have at any fashion festival and it’s a great way to showcase an outfit from multiple angles.Guaranteed to draw millennials like a moth to a flame this trendy GIF photo booth can be fully customised and captures moments as they happen in a innovative and instagrammable way.


Entertainment Trends For Fashion Events - New York Fashion Week Special


Be Innovative

Dolce & Gabbana flew their handbags down the runway with drones, yes DRONES! The time to be innovative and creative is most certainly now. With VR and technology paving the way to the future and setting the pace for entertainment trends for fashion events, use this as an opportunity to set new standards for the fashion industry. You can do just that with our immersive domes and fashion video mapping services. 


Why showcase a little bit of your brand when you can cover an entire dome with it? Our Immersive Dome experiences can project your brand, latest collection or live stream from the runway all over the walls of the dome, transforming this pop up venue into a major fashion event instantly. The domes created a space that exclusive and the mood can be completely adjusted using customised lighting, projections and animations.



Entertainment Trends For Fashion Events - New York Fashion Week Special


Fashion Body Mapping - An experimental approach

Display your latest collection on your models body in a distinct and dynamic style with our Fashion Body Mapping performance that projects garments onto the model. A new and innovative way of showing clothes and designs that is guaranteed to get the press and your fashion event attendees talking. Video mapping provides stunning way to showcase new concepts and design ideas.


Entertainment Trends For Fashion Events - New York Fashion Week Special

Be On Trend

Times are changing and so is the fashion industry. Being on trend is crucial in the fashion world and also in the entertainment industry. 

We have seen a rise in the number of requests for the latest technology entertainment for events worldwide. Our Holographic Fashion Show makes for the ultimate tech catwalk experience for any fashion house, fashion week or fashion festival. Combining a mix of live models, clothing, accessories and branding with a holographic enhancement, our creators develop animated holograms as a mesmerising way to use augmented reality in fashion.



Entertainment Trends For Fashion Events - New York Fashion Week Special

New York Fashion Week Special Conclusion


In this New York Fashion Week Special we have looked at key entertainment trends for fashion events drawing on the genius from major fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen. As New York Fashion Week kicks off the fashion events across the globe, 2019 Spring/Summer collections are  a must see for not only for the clothes but also the fashion entertainment. 


In an ever evolving world and fast paced industry, social media, technology and the need to be innovative is imperative. Having worked with fashion giants from all across the globe our team of Entertainment Specialists are a must have for all your fashion entertainment needs. 



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