Entertainment For Stadium Arenas - Creating The Cup Final Effect

Entertainment For Stadium Arenas - Creating The Cup Final Effect

Stadiums and arenas are becoming increasingly innovative as are the halftime performances and fan zone entertainment options that go on within them. With Tottenham Hotspur shelling out £750 million on their new stadium that comes complete with its own microbrewery, Michelin star restaurant and fromagerie it’s safe to say that expectation of what’s included in a match day has been raised. 

Not only are football clubs expanding their arenas but major sporting events such as the Super Bowl have become renowned not only for their superior sporting displays but the high end halftime performances from world class superstars such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Madonna as well as the World Cup opening ceremonies featuring star studded performances from Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Derulo and more. The sporting and entertainment industries have most definitely aligned and from that have created immersive entertainment experiences that enhance the already exciting world of live sporting events. 

With trends such as immersive entertainment and latest technology acts becoming all the range, we have selected our top picks for Stadium Arena entertainment that is guaranteed to engage your audiences, excite fans and enhance the overall sporting experience. 

Pyrotechnics at live sporting events

Entertainment For Stadium Arenas - Creating The Cup Final Effect

Source: Visual Effects London


No arena show is complete without a dazzling firework display to celebrate the stature of the event. The dramatic opening of a tournament or closing ceremony of an international sporting championship is always something that stays in the mind. Many performers incorporate pyrotechnics into their halftime performance and there really isn’t such a thing as too much pyro. It instantly takes elevates a sporting event from local match day to international world finals. 


With a wide array of fireworks, water effect and pyrotechnic performers to choose from our London visual effects team can provide anything from fireworks to flame jets, dancing fountains, rain curtains, sky scanners and more - making for unforgettable sporting entertainment that ramps up the excitement and creates a buzz inside the arena. 


Halftime Performers

Entertainment For Stadium Arenas - Creating The Cup Final Effect

To really go all out at your sporting event an opening ceremony, halftime show and closing fireworks really add to the overall impact of the sporting entertainment and event. With many sporting events opting for star-studded performances from international singers, a musical halftime show makes for the perfect interlude to any major sporting event. 


Our Get Funked Bespoke Party Band have performed and recorded alongside hit artists such as Adele, Rita Ora, Stevie Wonder, Sam Smith, Jessie J, Robbie Williams, Tom Jones and many more.  They bring an all star quality performance to every sporting event making for exceptional halftime entertainment that captures the excitement of the Super Bowl halftime show.


Freestylers and Jugglers 

Entertainment For Stadium Arenas - Creating The Cup Final Effect

Creating a buzz both on the pitch and in the stands, football and basketball freestylers are the perfect stadium arena entertainment. They engage with the crowd and get everyone pumped for the match with their finely honed skills and innovative tricks that take sporting entertainment to exciting new levels. In addition to freestylers, football jugglers have also become increasingly popular for stadium arena entertainment and make for dynamic additions in promotional videos and in fanzones. 


Our Unique Football Juggling Act has worked for clients such as FIFA, Coca Cola, Formula 1, Puma and Nike showcasing his remarkable talent for juggling footballs that slots into a wide range of sporting events in addition to football themed occasions. Perfect as a mix and mingle stadium and arena entertainment option. 


Video Mapping Projections

Entertainment For Stadium Arenas - Creating The Cup Final Effect

With stadiums and arenas heavily featuring technology in both the way they are designed and the entertainment that is used within them for major sporting events. It would be no surprise to see an increase in holographic and video mapping entertainment and match day tools to create a 360 degree viewing experience.


In their bid for the 2022 World Cup Japan vouched to record games with 200 HD cameras in 360 degree angles allowing the players to appear as holographic projections. Whilst that might seem incredibly advanced and ambitious, screens and instant replays are becoming bigger and bigger in arenas and stadiums with the Atlanta Falcons new $1.6bn stadium set to feature the world’s first 360 degree video wall. 


Our Hara Hiroki Hologram Illusionist would make for the perfect halftime entertainment with his next generation holograms and immersive shows that can be completely customised to feature a wide range of themes and topics from football to basketball, rugby and more. 


Robots and interactive fan zone entertainment 

Entertainment For Stadium Arenas - Creating The Cup Final Effect

Source: Titan The Robot


You may have heard it before but robots really are the future, especially in the entertainment industry. With more stadiums and sporting events incorporating fanzones into the match day experience, robots have become a key trend for entertaining attendees and creating that immersive environment that is so desired amongst event specialists. 


Our Titan the Robot has wowed has at major sporting events such as Formula 1 and creates an instant buzz every time he makes an appearance at a sporting event or corporate function. Capturing the attention of everyone in the room robots are fantastic for fanzones and will have every attendee snapping away on their phones and filming constantly creating a buzz both on and offline.


Stadium Arena Entertainment Round Up 


As sporting events and stadium arena entertainment progress, exciting new changes are emerging with extravagant stadiums, interactive fanzones and high end catering and beverage services becoming part of the sporting experience. 


 The increased importance of stadium arena entertainment, performers such as freestylers, video mapping acts, pyrotechnics and extravagant halftime performances are a fantastic way to engage with fans and create immersive sporting entertainment. Fans are now looking for experiences that not only create a buzz within the arena but also online with attendees sharing videos and photos of their experience. 



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