Diving In With 8 Of Our Favourite Water Based Acts

Diving In With 8 Of Our Favourite Water Based Acts

When you think of event entertainment you don’t necessarily think of water based acts however, there is a whole world of opportunities out there. At Scarlett Entertainment we are inundated with weird and wonderful water performers all offering some fantastic acts and we want you to know about it. Ranging from water bowl acrobats, percussionists and musicians to immense fountains, flyboarders and dancers, we want to open the floodgates and let you see the diversity of options available.  

With the summer season just around the corner, well sort of, you might be starting to make plans for an outdoor event and need some inspiration. From weddings and pool parties to beach resorts we have fantastic water based acts suitable for outdoor Summer entertainment and many that are performed indoors too.

Let us whet your appetite with a small selection of some of our favourite water based acts from around the world. From oceans to streams and pools to ponds, where there’s water, there’s an act and one of these is bound to float your boat. 

Musical Mermaid Trio

Diving In With 8 Of Our Favourite Water Based Acts

Folklore has it mermaids, half woman half fish, use their enchanting voices to lure sailors towards rocks to shipwreck their boats. Now, you may not want ships crashing into your event but our musical mermaid trio certainly do have enchanting voices. Stunningly dressed with fantastic fish-like lower bodies our water performers will perch on the edge of your chosen body of water and will impress guests with their wonderful music. They perform acoustic covers of popular songs using just a violin, trumpet, guitar and impeccable harmonies. Having already been booked by some of Ibiza’s hottest venues they are a wonderful water based act that provide stunning water themed entertainment.

Aqua Nocturnal Spectacle

Diving In With 8 Of Our Favourite Water Based Acts

Have you ever seen a play with cars, trees and pushchairs seamlessly floating on the water? Didn’t think so. This eye-catching full theatrical spectacle is performed entirely on water. It features a 15-strong cast of water performers in wonderful costumes on a wide array of moving, floating props from cars and bikes to beds and a woman in red on a huge moving wheel. At almost an hour long, it is a surreal and wonderful experience that transports the spectator to another world. There is no spoken words in the performance making it suitable for audiences world wide. To top it off, it also includes pyrotechnics too. It is not necessarily a seasonal act but would be excellent Summer entertainment on those warmer evenings.

Water Percussion Group

Did you ever think you could make music using water? You might’ve tried once or twice whilst in the bath but these guys have taken it to the stage. The water percussion group are taking water based acts to a new level and have created something totally incredible. Using troughs filled with water and a collection of seemingly bizarre props, not instruments, they have created an astounding percussive, tribal and weirdly magical form of music. Even more surprisingly they actually perform cover songs. They cover unusual musical compositions by the likes of John Cage and Steve Reich. If you are looking for unusual live music water themed entertainment, this is about as unusual as it gets.

Water Rocket Show

Diving In With 8 Of Our Favourite Water Based Acts

Somewhere between a jetpack and a snowboard this high energy water based act makes the performers look like superheroes levitating in the air. From the sea to the sky, the flyboarders are launched via the power of water propelled from beneath their feet. They flip, twist and somersault in mid air as well as dive in and out of the water. This water themed entertainment comes in several packages too. For night time the water rocket show can be combined with LED suits, holograms, lasers and looks incredible when incorporated into more extravagant shows. 

Aero Splash Show

Diving In With 8 Of Our Favourite Water Based Acts

Water bowl acrobats are becoming a fascinating addition to many events types. It is a stunning display of elegance and grace as well as being something out of the ordinary. The skilled water bowl acrobat begins her routine with an aerial act before taking the plunge into what resembles an oversized champagne coupe. The tiny confinement of the water bowl is only just big enough to fit in. The aero splash show is as much a display of contortionism as it is acrobat skills. When performing inside the bowl, you’ll be hard pushed to not believe you are witnessing a real life mermaid in action. This water based act is a real show stopper that has audiences engaged for the whole duration and you’ll be trying this out in the tub before you know it. 

Lily Pad Orchestra

Where’s that Latin and Salsa music coming from? From the water!? That’s right, it’s not everyday you can have a salsa band performing from a lake or river. The six musical water performers float around on giant colourful lily pads offering the soothing tones of cuban music. Performing acoustically means the lily pad orchestra is very versatile. Requiring no additional sound equipment and therefor no electrical power - luckily, they can perform in just about any body of water. In a pond of a glamorous estate whilst you get married to entertaining walkers by from inside the harbour on a calm sunny day, this water based act offer musical Summer entertainment like you haven’t experienced before.

Digital Music Fountains

Bet you never thought you could be entertained by a fountain did you? This is water themed entertainment on an epic scale. The production company bring their own fountain creating machinery that sits on a body of water and they can effectively create whatever type of water jet they want. The digital music fountains show encompasses carefully pre-programmed arrangements of water jets along with colourful interchanging LED lighting, lasers, holograms all choreographed to music! We think this is totally wonderful and really makes events a memorable experience where guests have seen something out of the ordinary. 

Aqua Spheres USA

Diving In With 8 Of Our Favourite Water Based Acts

This magnificent inflatable sphere floats on the water and is home to a multi-talented water performer that can be the centre of attention or an impressive addition to a glitzy event. The spheres are perfect for any event at or near water and can add a touch of elegance, fantasy or visual entertainment with a difference. The performers’ act is a mixture of contortion and contemporary dance. Inside the sphere, she is accompanied by an LED ball, kind of like a homing beacon, drawing people’s attention towards her. From pool parties to gala dinners, this act has a roundabout way of making an impression. 


These 8 acts are just a drop in the ocean, we have hundreds of water-based acts at Scarlett Entertainment that use water as the basis of their act. We didn’t want to go overboard and you drown in too many suggestions, we just hope this little selection has given you an insight into the diversity of water performers. Don’t forget that if you need inspiration for Summer entertainment you can always contact us and we will be more than happy to help. 


__By Tom Drakett

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