Culture Marketing: How Brands Use Cultural Entertainment to Add PR Value

Culture Marketing: How Brands Use Cultural Entertainment to Add PR Value

6 Examples of the Link Between Culture Marketing and Cultural Entertainment 

Brands can no longer ignore what’s going on around them with social networks enabling direct communication between brand and customer. According to an analysis of the impact of culture in branding by Forbes, consumers nowadays demand their favourite brands to be part of a culture because customers themselves are part of a culture. And when brands engage with culture, they become part of it. 

Aware of the importance of integrating aspects of culture into their core messages, some brands have set to work effectively communicating what their values are and how they’re linked to a culture. Considered by many as cultural barometers, customers trust brands that represent them, and that’s where cultural entertainment plays an important part. 

Culture marketing in general and cultural entertainment in particular can help your brand attract people who share your values. Let’s explore some examples. 

Disney - Arabic culture 

Disney’s live-action blockbuster film Aladdin was the perfect occasion for this entertainment giant to connect with the Arabic culture. On the occasion of the film’s premiere in London, an Arabia-inspired Agrabah themed event was held at the stunning rooftop venue, Pergola Olympia. 

As one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment, one of Disney’s main goals is to expand to new markets all around the world. With this in mind and with Aladdin recently released, the company decided to immerse in the Arabic culture by creating an authentic Arabic experience for guests at their rooftop party in London. 

The venue was decorated with coloured draping and traditional Arabic rugs, where these zaffa performers add the finishing touch by creating a lively and upbeat atmosphere with their drumming and pipe performances. A splendid nod to the Middle East, Disney takes the opportunity to promote and immerse in a culture every time one of their products or films involve cultural elements. 

Culture Marketing: How Brands Use Cultural Entertainment to Add PR Value

Zaffa Drummers performed at an Arabia-inspired Agrabah themed party in London. Read more about it.


TUI - Malaysian Culture 

Could there be a better way for a big travel company to promote their international routes than bringing a piece of a country into one of their flights? This is precisely what TUI did to surprise passengers on the inaugural direct flight to Langkawi, Malaysia. 

Dressed in gorgeous traditional pink and gold costumes from Malaysia, ten dancers performed for dozens of astounded travellers. Eager to share their new route and their willingness to become part of the Malaysian culture, the company filmed the dance for social media. 

A simple and effective way to communicate a new service, the travel and tourism company also made use of a cultural element to add value to their message. The performance marked the first of many direct flights from Manchester, Birmingham and London Gatwick to Langkawi, a service that is only provided by TUI. 


Culture Marketing: How Brands Use Cultural Entertainment to Add PR Value

TUI organised an engaging, fun cultural surprise for their passengers. Read more about it.


Asolo Repertory Theatre - Parisian Cabaret Culture 

Asolo Repertory Theatre is Florida’s premier professional theatre and one of the most important cultural forces in the Southeastern United States. Well-known for supporting new playwrights and new reinterpretations of contemporary and classic plays, Asolo Repertory Theatre also delivers exceptional musical theatre experiences. 

This being the case, they decided to delight guests at their annual gala with an iconic form of theatrical entertainment: cabaret! Showcasing an array of singers and dancers performing a choreographed, high-energy dance show, Parisian cabaret performers brought the Folies Bergère to life right in Florida! 

By doing so, Asolo Repertory Theatre created a cultural connection between them and one of the most classic forms of theatre entertainment, which gives us another simple but effective example of culture marketing at events. 


Culture Marketing: How Brands Use Cultural Entertainment to Add PR Value

Asolo Repertory Theatre creates an immersive 1920s Parisian cabaret experience for its renowned annual gala. Read more about it.


Define Instruments - Kiwi Culture 

Define instruments is a New Zealand manufacturer of innovative industrial instrumentation. Proud of their heritage, they decided to share it with visitors and potential customers at a trade fair in Chicago. 

Aware of their exotic attire and their extraordinary dance performance, New Zealanders know haka performers are unparalleled attention-grabbers. Define Instruments decided to make use of this iconic cultural element to draw attention to their exhibition booth and also to create a link between their brand and New Zealand’s culture. 

A real head turner, these haka entertainers are another great example of how to use culture marketing to make an impact at live events whilst establishing a bridge between a country’s culture and a brand. 


Culture Marketing: How Brands Use Cultural Entertainment to Add PR Value

New Zealand manufacturer shared a piece of their rich cultural heritage with exhibition attendees.. Read more about it.


Wynsors Shoe Retailer - British Culture 

English shoe retailer Wynsors took Prince George’s first school day as an opportunity to celebrate the brand’s Britishness and connect with their British customers by offering half price discount to all customers named George or Georgina for one day only. In order to promote this, they invited a Prince George lookalike and a Kate Middleton impersonator to pay a visit to one of their stores. 

Demonstrating once again the impact of culture in branding and aware of the strong bond that exists between the Royal Family and the British society, Wynsors linked this historical happening to their brand. By doing so, they were communicating various things: their values are in line with the Royal Family’s; their pride in their British cultural heritage; that they’re up to date with everything that happens around them, among others. 


Culture Marketing: How Brands Use Cultural Entertainment to Add PR Value

The Buddha-Bar chain brought a piece of China to their Marrakesh venue to celebrate Easten diversity. Read more about it.


Buddah Bar - Chinese Culture 

The Budda Bar is a themed restaurant, bar and events venue. The venue’s goal is to bring a piece of Asia to today’s West. To go in line with their theme (a voyage around the senses), the bar’s event planners organise cultural experiences that involve authentic decorative elements, local food, live music and, of course, various forms of entertainment. 

In the run-up to Chinese New Year, this unique venue decided to bring a piece of China to Marrakesh with this Oriental Dance Show. Strong advocates for cultural diversity, the Buddah Bar link their brand to this value by showcasing the cultural opulence of Asia, which at the same time help build bridges between different Western and Eastern cultures. 

An example in which culture and branding go hand in hand, the Buddah Bar’s month-long residencies are a great example of how cultural entertainment plays a key role in culture marketing. 


Culture Marketing: How Brands Use Cultural Entertainment to Add PR Value

English shoe retailer Wynsors celebrated their Britishness by offering discounts with the help of royal lookalikes. Read more about it.


Further Culture Marketing and Cultural Entertainment Ideas

Interested in knowing more about the connection between culture marketing and cultural entertainment? Read our article about Britishness and brand identity: how brands use their heritage to add PR value at events

Are you unsure on how to link your brand to a cultural movement or to a specific culture? If you’d like to explore further ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch and share your brief. 

If you can imagine it, we can create it!

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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