Creative Ideas for Planning A Young & Edgy Corporate Party

Creative Ideas for Planning A Young & Edgy Corporate Party

This is a generation that is making waves across all industries and as more and more start ups and young businesses develop and start to host their own events, there is greater demand for a different sort of entertainment. Luckily we're here with some inspired words of wisdom about choosing the right entertainment for your youthful corporate event - straight from the source!

As a person in their 20s, I am the first to admit that our generation can be hard work to entertain. Born into a world where the internet has never not existed and phones have been stuck to our hands since childhood, we millennials have seen everything and been everywhere - albeit via a youtube video. With shorter attention spans than our parents and an innate ability to multi-task (tweeting whilst eating breakfast does count), throwing a corporate party for a start-up of twenty-somethings means incorporating as much variety as possible into one event.

Since we are the generation for which technology has become fully integrated into daily life, it only makes sense to incorporate plenty of cutting edge acts to ensure that we are never left without stimulation. Ensure that every aspect of the corporate event: from the decoration and catering to the performers and activities are original and on trend to make certain that you keep us engaged throughout the party. Don’t be afraid to challenge what we might expect to find at an edgy corporate event - there is nothing wrong with returning to more traditional entertainment options rather than becoming cliched with notions of “cool” acts that are going to impress us.

Below is a list of edgy party ideas for corporate entertainment that is certain to offer stimulation for 20 somethings at your event. Certainly not exhaustive, the type of entertainment that you opt for is going to evolve with the times, so it is important to stay in touch with developments in technology and entertainment trends if you want to throw a party that will create a trend with the social media generation!


Creative Ideas for Planning A Young & Edgy Corporate Party

Long gone are the days when finger sandwiches and cheese on sticks could cut the mustard with 20 somethings at a corporate party. These days, we are as obsessed with instagramming our food as we are with eating it, so it is important for food and drinks to offer visual impact and an overall concept that brings each element together. One cuisine that has hit the event scene in a big way in recent years is Sushi. Combining minimalist Japanese design with delicious bite sized canapés, sushi is the ideal event food- especially for health conscious millennials. Featuring professionally trained sushi chefs and bespoke catering services, Sushi Events are a renowned company, specialising in mouth watering treats for corporate and private occasions.


Another playful catering company, Coriander Kitchen offers cutting edge event catering, packed full of flavour. Combining traditional Indian recipes with fine dining styles, this modern concept kitchen creates beautiful dishes with a creative touch.


Though 20 somethings always seem to have an abundance of energy and get-go, there is a secret behind our virility - coffee! Caffeine is certain to win the hearts of guests, so why not make an impression with a professional coffee art demonstration? Combining artistic prowess with delicious flavours, certain to create a buzz at your occasion, coffee art can serve as both entertainment and a tasty catering option.


Any self respecting millennial is always up for a tipple, especially if it’s on the company account. With flair bartenders becoming a recognisable addition to the event scene, it is perhaps hard to introduce something new to 20 somethings that know a good cocktail better than they know their own area of work. However, we think that we have found a drinks service that your corporate colleagues will not have tried before. The Robotic Drinks Server is a cutting edge alternative to a traditional bartender. Causing a stir wherever it goes, this fully robotic server can do everything that your local bartender is able to. Offering delicious cocktails and spirit mixers for guests to enjoy, this robotic barman is guaranteed to turn heads.


Creative Ideas for Planning A Young & Edgy Corporate Party

One activity that has proven extremely popular with young corporate companies is a hashtag wall. Though verging on old-hat for many of us who have attended numerous events with one in place, the benefits of a Twitter Wall have been explicitly shown. Perfect for companies looking to create a trend around their brand name or event specific hashtag, your 20 somethings will kick up a storm on social media as they post countless selfies and comments about your event.


If you are looking for something similar to a hashtag wall that is less common at events, we suggest A Virtual Digital Graffiti Wall as an alternative. Adding colour and interactivity to your event, this creative corporate entertainment option can be demonstrated by a professional graffiti artist or left open for guests to try out themselves.


Of course photobooths will also always be a firm favourite with the younger generation living in the age of the selfie, and no matter how often they appear at events they never seem to lose their appeal!


Creative Ideas for Planning A Young & Edgy Corporate Party

Any good corporate function needs a show to finish the night in style. Though party bands are always a crowd pleasing addition to any occasion, your young colleagues are going to be looking for something a bit special to make them take notice of your event. Using cutting edge technology to create a breathtaking performance, Holographic Laser Harp Show combines custom designed graphics and a laser harp show into one wow factor performance. Engaging the senses as he performs, our laser artist produces spectacular lights and patterns alongside modern electronic laser harp music.


Another high impact high tech show, our UV Paint Water Drumming Act has been created by an internationally renowned musician and DJ. Performing energetic drumming solos, this artist has packed out many of the world’s leading venues like the 02 Arena. Playing with a bespoke LED drum kit, our musician performs a unique act in which water is used to create the impression of UV paint rebounding from his drums. Certain to get your guests into the party mood, this act has already proven to be extremely popular with 20 somethings across the globe.


To end the night, we would encourage you to stay away from a DJ playing cheesy pop songs because that isn’t going to impress anybody. Instead, why not opt for our Vocal Loop Artist Vegas? Diverse and interactive, our vocal looping performer creates loops by recording the sounds of multiple instruments, his own voice and the audience, in order to produce multi-layered tracks for audiences to party to. A dynamic and energetic performer, this act has the perfect combination of creativity and technology to keep your 20 somethings engaged the whole way through!

To conclude.

There is no secret to planning the perfect party for guests in their 20s but continuity is key. If you decide to go for a themed event, make sure that you really stick to it - decorating your venue to fit. Don’t go for an overused theme but instead opt for something a little less obvious that also allows guests to dress up and look nice (we are in our 20s so we still care about looking good). Examples include leather and lace, minimalist, Americana, birds of paradise and modern art. Lighting is also integral for creating a contemporary feel at your event. Try and go for clean, uncluttered lighting styles that will complement the rest of your venue design.


Whilst it is important to offer variety and mental stimulation, it is also vital that you don’t go overboard - try and make it look like you have miraculously plucked your entertainment from thin air, rather than spending months meticulously planning the occasion. Decide on an event specific hashtag before the day and make sure you clearly place it around your venue so that guests can post photos about the day and create a trend on social media. If your edgy corporate event is a success, your brand is guaranteed to gain presence online so relax and let your 20 something guests do the marketing for you!


For more advice about planning a corporate event for guests in their 20s, get in touch with our team on 01626 572072 at Scarlett Entertainment today and our young knowledgeable team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


__By Erin Pooley-Cooper

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