Choose Modern instead of Traditional Oktoberfest Entertainment for Your German-themed Experience

Choose Modern instead of Traditional Oktoberfest Entertainment for Your German-themed Experience

From Munich to Mexico City, Shanghai to Sydney and Dublin to Dubai, Oktoberfest celebrations take place in taverns, on the streets and in venues all over the world. This 200 year old tradition has come a long way since its humble Bavarian beginnings. It originally started as a celebration of the marriage between King Ludwig I and Princess Therese in Munich in 1810 and has grown into a worldwide celebration with beer, sausage, sauerkraut, Oompah music and more beer.

Break Away From Traditional Oktoberfest Entertainment

If you’re planning an event around this time of year, you know that your guests will be looking for an authentic Oktoberfest experience, or will they? Traditional Oktoberfest entertainment hasn’t really changed over the years so it’s worth thinking outside the box to surprise and impress your event guests.

Oktoberfest celebrations generally stay true to their traditional roots and are an opportunity for people to re-visit and experience Bavarian culture, even if it is a slight pastiche version of it. Chances are, your guests will have already had, or be familiar with, a traditional Oktoberfest entertainment and as shifts in consumer patterns continue to take a turn towards more meaningful, new and exciting experiences, now is your time to think about modern Oktoberfest entertainment.

You can say “see ya later-hosen” to all those tired stereotypical cliches and give your event a boost with some modern Oktoberfest entertainment. Your guests will have a far more memorable Oktoberfest experience if you expose them to something new, unusual and unexpected.
Put the Stein and Bratwurst down because here is a selection of our artists who offer German-themed entertainment perfectly suited to more modern Oktoberfest celebrations.


The Queen Of Oktoberfest

Choose Modern instead of Traditional Oktoberfest Entertainment for Your German-themed Experience

No-one will make more of an impact that the Queen Of Oktoberfest - guaranteed. A singer, event host, yodeller, presenter and all round German-themed entertainment specialist. This unforgettable character stands at a staggering 6’7” in her heels and her personality is just as big.


With a wide range amazing costumes, either family-friendly or not, energy, great sense of humour and vibrant personality, she can come riding into your event on her animatronic sheep and provide you with an unusual and interactive modern Oktoberfest experience. Originally from Austria but now based in Seattle, this eye-catching host and singer is very sought-after for Oktoberfest celebrations throughout the United States and comes highly recommended.


Lederhosen Breakdance Show

Choose Modern instead of Traditional Oktoberfest Entertainment for Your German-themed Experience

Breakdancing and traditional Oktoberfest entertainment are not normally two things that you would see together and that's why the Lederhosen Breakdance Show is so fantastically unique it will delight your guests.


Using Polka music with an urban twist, the dancers come dressed in some slightly tweaked Bavarian costumes and deliver one of the best breakdancing shows you will ever see. With just the right amount of humour, the Lederhosen Breakdance Show features some of the very best high-energy, stage-based breakdancing choreographies crossed with the authentic stomping and clapping Schuhplattler. This is modern Oktoberfest entertainment of the highest calibre.


Alphorn Trio Switzerland

Choose Modern instead of Traditional Oktoberfest Entertainment for Your German-themed Experience

A traditional Oktoberfest experience is likely to feature an alphorn performance. This Alpine instrument originates from the mountainous region of Austria, Switzerland, Bavaria, France and has become a classic feature in traditional Oktoberfest entertainment.


Breaking away from that mould, our Alphorn Trio Switzerland is a fantastic choice of modern Oktoberfest entertainment. This academically trained trio of young musicians plays Swiss alphorn music with a repertoire that ranges from Baroque to contemporary songs whilst dressed in a slick contemporary style.


Yodeller and Live Bavarian Band


Providing live German-themed entertainment, our Yodeller and Live Bavarian Band is a very slick female singer and her backing musicians. The band plays a range of German and Bavarian yodelling songs as well as Oktoberfest classics but with a contemporary feel. Even though they have an authentic look, right down to traditional fraulein outfit, this live band offers an Oktoberfest experience that is far more contemporary than most.


Choose Modern Oktoberfest Entertainment and Your Guests Will Love It


By choosing modern Oktoberfest entertainment you can break the mould of traditions and provide your guests with a more memorable Oktoberfest experience. Contact us and we can help you choose the best German-themed entertainment to make your Oktoberfest celebrations really stand out.

__By Tom Drakett

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