Britishness and Brand Identity: How Brands Use Their Heritage to Add PR Value at Events

Britishness and Brand Identity: How Brands Use Their Heritage to Add PR Value at Events

The culture, tradition and history of nations are often described as a brand’s sign of identity. Thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide have found the inspiration to start their businesses from their countries’ cultural heritage. In the UK, the ‘Made in Britain’ label has struck deep in the hearts of both Brits and people worldwide. 

With the prospect of Brexit not only affecting international trade but also the perception the world has of the United Kingdom, brands face a new challenge when it comes to linking Britishness and brand identity. We analyse how three famous British brands - with Britishness in their DNA -  have once again embraced their cultural roots to add PR value at events. 


The Value of Britishness Today

The Brexit challenge has made brands reassess their marketing strategy. Far from getting away from the ‘Made in Britain’ label that is part of their identity, the below famous British brands show their commitment for innovation without turning away from their cultural heritage. 


When it comes to events, they have decided to speak to audiences with both values and a fresh point of view by introducing stories and elements from the past into the present. Explore how Harrods, British Airways and Cath Kidston are redefining the value of Britishness at events. 


1. Harrods

The world’s most famous department store, Harrods is one of London’s most iconic buildings and one of the UK’s most popular brands. Proud of its roots, Harrods has always celebrated its brand identity and Britishness and takes events, brands and product launches as an opportunity to share this with the world. 


Last summer, on the occasion of the World Cup in Russia, Hublot released its new sports watch in Harrods. The two brands are regular collaborators and share a commitment to offer their clients the most exclusive in-store and event experiences. They fulfilled that promise by inviting Brazilian footballer David Luiz to join them during this brand activation and took it as an opportunity to highlight Harrod’s Britishness by decorating football balls, storefronts and window shops with the Union Jack. 


Aiming to accentuate their Britishness without forgetting to adopt a modern approach, two iconic Green Men were stationed at the entrance of the store to welcome guests, who were later entertained with various activities and performances including the one delivered by this award-winning Street Dance Crew


Britishness and Brand Identity: How Brands Use Their Heritage to Add PR Value at Events

Harrods has always embraced Britishness and takes events as an opportunity to share the UK colours and values proudly 


2. British Airways

Great Britain’s flag carrier’s roots are obvious as even the word ‘British’ is part of its name. British Airways was founded by the government in 1974 and, ever since, it has been privatised and has expanded with the acquisition of various independent airlines. 


Taking pride in delivering passengers from the United Kingdom to several regions historically linked to the British empire and vice versa, British Airways has gradually extended its route map and today it’s the chosen airline by millions of people worldwide to fly from and to the UK.  


With the goal of encouraging tourists to visit the UK, the airline put together a stunning flash mob in a Russian shopping mall, where they placed a giant Union Jack suitcase where some of the most iconic British figures and characters were invited into. The Beatles, James Bond, Mary Poppins, Sherlock Holmes and the Queen herself surprised mall-goers with this unique invite, which was an original way to use the value of Britishness to open the doors of British lands to the world.


A Big British Flashmob was a UK-themed surprise that took Moscow shoppers aback as they were invited to visit Great Britain in a very unique way



3. Cath Kidston 

Internationally popular for its vintage floral designs, London prints with iconic landmarks and cheery polka-dots, Cath Kidston is one of the most famous British brands among fashion and home decor lovers around the world. 


With the occasion of the brand’s 25th anniversary and with the hope to increase brand awareness and generate buzz, Cath Kidston decided to set a record by hosting the Largest Cream Tea Party ever. An event that embodied the company’s ethos and a clear nod to its Britishness and brand identity, almost 1,000 people attended this lavish party. 


Hosted by British TV presenter Mary Berry, this massive cream tea party was also conducted by a male host disguised as a Queen’s guard. Other highlights of the occasion included vintage food trucks, retro photo booths, flower walls and walkabout characters, everything in line with the company’s British heritage. 


Britishness and Brand Identity: How Brands Use Their Heritage to Add PR Value at Events

British retailer Cath Kidston set a new record by hosting the largest cream tea party, an event that was a nod to the brand’s Britishness. Photo Credit: Cath Kidston



So fundamentally different from each other, Harrods, British Airways and Cath Kidston have two things in common: they’re famous British brands worldwide and they embrace and link Britishness and brand identity with a modern approach. Proving the value of Britishness has not lost its power, these companies reinvent it in order to celebrate their roots and rich cultural heritage. 


Entertainment Made in Britain 

If you know of any other examples of famous British brands linking Britishness and brand identity at events, don’t hesitate to share them with us by tagging us on Twitter @scarlettent or mention us on Instagram @scarlett_entertainment. 


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__By Juliana Rodriguez

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