Best Ibiza Themed Parties and How To Recreate Them

Best Ibiza Themed Parties and How To Recreate Them

It will have escaped no one’s attention that Ibiza is one of the best party islands in the world. With a reputation for being 'the' crazy party island, Ibiza is well known for hosting some of the best summer themed parties in Europe and to be the summer residence of famous DJs like David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren and Sven Vath, to name a few. You'll also find some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities flying to its shores for the summer party season. 

The renowned DJs mentioned above are some of the luxury hosts of the most famous Ibiza themed parties, top summer events attended by both Spanish and international celebrities and other VIP guests. These Ibiza theme nights have a reputation for being fun and extravagant - any party animal’s dream come true. But what if you’re not attending the Mediterranean island this summer? That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t organise and enjoy a proper themed summer party wherever you are. Let’s summarise this party island's  top summer events  and how to recreate a Spanish Ibiza party that will rival the originals.

Ibiza: from a peaceful refuge to a crazy party island

There are many highly attended summer festivals and parties around the world, but there are few as famous as the Ibiza theme nights. This Mediterranean paradise started off as a route to escape the restrictions of the Spanish dictatorship in the 60s and, since then, it has become one of the best party islands in the world. The island enjoys a well-deserved fame, and not only thanks to the Ibiza theme nights, but also to other daytime festivals and celebrations.   
From the 60s onwards, Ibiza has been a refuge for the hippie movement, a place where free thought and expression reigned. From then until now, parties and other events are held on the island’s beautiful beaches and other outstanding locations. When you visit this paradisiacal corner of the Mediterranean, it’s impossible not to find locals' and visitors’ energy and enthusiasm highly contagious and not to be captivated by the beauty of nature around you.
However, the so-called Ibiza invasion turned the island into a party destination. All the nightclubs and bars that today are ‘must see’ venues for party animals have transformed Ibiza’s carefree atmosphere into something more sophisticated. In this new environment, celebs and visitors from all over the world enjoy some of the best known themed parties in the Mediterranean.  But what about those not so fortunate to visit the island? That’s not a problem because there are many ways to host a themed summer party in the purest Ibizan style.

The most famous of Ibiza themed parties

La Troya

According to party experts like Brasilio de Oliviera, this is the most authentic Ibiza themed party and one of the island's longest running. This night celebration is all about pushing boundaries and features DJs, eccentric themed characters and showgirls of all styles. DJ Oliver always leads this party where there is plenty of house music, extravagant costumes and people hungry for a party. This year, La Troya comes back to Space and, as every year, it runs from June 1 to September 28.


Matinee is another example of extravagance. It’s one of the most attended parties by those with the most eccentric tastes. DJs always fuse techno-house music to create an atmosphere that packs dance floors, whilst burlesque and themed dancers perform shows that you can only witness if you attend this party. Matinee is a summer festival and party that can be attended both during the day and during the night. It’s an ode to hedonism that all visitors must see at least once in a lifetime. Matinee is held in the famous nightclub Amnesia every summer.


This is probably one of the parties with the highest budget, besides having an international reputation. The fact that it is a well-known celebration beyond Spanish borders is something SuperMatxe owes to Paris Hilton, who recorded a promotional video to publicise this event. Described by many as ‘the world’s best party’, every year its theme changes, which means guests can enjoy different and diverse spectacles each time they visit the island party. This amazing party features the best nightclub entertainers: from burlesque artists, LED dancers, fire and circus performers to technology shows, this Ibiza theme party never disappoints. Privilege is the nightclub chosen for this famous party in Ibiza.  

Foam Party

The foam party in Amnesia (one of the Ibiza's best  clubs) is already a classic. Music, fun and foam: the perfect trio. This party usually combines different types of music, although mainly rock music is played. This celebration is famous because of its electric atmosphere  and the beautiful promotional girls and dancers that encourage party-goers to get on the dance floor. And of course, who wouldn’t like to be freshened up with cool foam and water during a hot Ibiza night? This party has it all! The foam party is a classic at Amnesia nightclub. 

F*** Me I’m Famous

For those who enjoy techno-house dance rhythms, this is your party. Do you also love David Guetta? Then this is definitely an event to attend. F*** Me I’m Famous is one of the celebrations that has contributed the most to the island’s well-deserved fame. Its secret? Good music. There’s nothing beyond that. This night party is held in Pacha, one the best Ibiza clubs and also a classic in other parts of the world. 

Water Party

Ibiza is a hot place, especially in summer. If foam wasn’t refreshing enough, then the Water Party at Es Paradis is the party to attend. This event is a legendary party in which getting wet is a key requirement, and the dance floor quickly becomes a swimming pool. This party takes place twice a week during summer and it’s one of those events any kind of visitor in Ibiza can enjoy.

Flower Power Party

Let us not forget Ibiza was once the island refugee of a large number of Spain's 'hippie' population. Their spirit still haunts the island, so it is not surprising that the Flower Power Party at Pacha is one of the most eagerly awaited events by many and is attended by many celebs. It is also the perfect occasion to take part in some fancy dress! The music, of course, is all about the 60s and 70s, especially rock classics.

Themed party ideas to recreate a Spanish Ibiza Party

Burlesque act: Cari

Best Ibiza Themed Parties and How To Recreate Them

The queen of prohibition, our Burlesque dancer Cari is the perfect choice for events similar to La Troya, Matinee or SuperMartxe. A performer that bares a close resemblance to Dita Von Tesse, she fuses traditional burlesque dancing with striptease and sexy costumes that will leave no one indifferent. Whether performing a seductive dance in a 5ft Martini glass or in a golden cage, she is sure to evoke the true essence of Ibiza’s prohibition parties.

LED laser female dancers

Best Ibiza Themed Parties and How To Recreate Them

Our LED laser female dancers use advanced light technologies to carry out their incredible performances. Dressed in futuristic costumes, they can be the ideal entertainment option for parties recreating La Troya, Matinee or SuperMartxe nights. They have performed alongside DJs in the past and are no strangers to performing in nightclubs. Best of all? They once performed alongside Paris Hilton herself, who invited them to share the stage with her on one of her nightclub celebrations in Abu Dhabi, which means they already have experience working with the queen of celebrations.

Multi-skilled Aerial Duo Ibiza

Best Ibiza Themed Parties and How To Recreate Them

Photography by Dominique Desrue

This pair of acrobats can perform a sexy and seductive aerial show that will leave everybody wide-eyed. No matter if they perform indoors at a nightclub as part of a variety show or in front of the beautiful Mediterranean coast at sunset, their elegant performance is an experience worth witnessing. Ideal to hypnotise guests at your pool party or your night-time event, this Multi-skilled Aerial Duo from Ibiza will bring the wow factor to your party. Explosive performers for an explosive Ibiza themed party. 

DJ Dancers and Robots Act

Best Ibiza Themed Parties and How To Recreate Them

A show that is guaranteed to blow audiences away. Our DJ Dancers and Robots Act has all the ingredients to be a hit at any Ibiza theme party. It combines all the necessary elements a proper nightclub celebration requires - a giant robot that dominates the stage with smoke canons while DJs play dance music and professional dancers encourage people to dance. These energetic performers have previously performed alongside artists such as David Guetta, so what a better reference than that to count on them for your themed summer party?

Fire and Water Drumming Show

Best Ibiza Themed Parties and How To Recreate Them

A show that has everything to make an impact, this Fire and Water Drumming Show can be perfect to recreate some celebrations such as the Ibiza’s Water Party or SuperMartxe. An act that combines music, fire, water and light effects,  these original percussionists can offer a performance that will make audiences burst into applause and get them talking and its uniqueness and originality.

Professional Djane

Best Ibiza Themed Parties and How To Recreate Them

Ibiza summer nights wouldn’t be as popular as they are without DJs. If you’re hosting an Ibiza themed party, you’ll need one that make guests dance as if they were on the Mediterranean paradise island. Our Professional Djane is not only at the height of this challenge will not only rise to this challenge?, but she will captivate guests with her amazing on stage personality, her wild spirit and her charming smile. Taking the soul of the party everywhere she goes, this dynamic DJ is guaranteed to transport people to the warm summer nights of Ibiza. 

Musical Mermaid Trio

Best Ibiza Themed Parties and How To Recreate Them

If you’re thinking about hosting a daytime event (especially those involving water and foam), this Musical Mermaid Trio can be a good form of summer party entertainment to consider. Events such as Matinee or SuperMartxe, which hold pool parties during the day, would definitely have these beautiful mermaids at their parties. This group of performers have worked with some of Ibiza’s top stylists, designers and make up artists and have performed at some of the islands hottest venues, so they definitely know what your Ibiza themed party needs to be a success.

Flyboard Saxophone Show

When it comes to beach and pool parties, there’s nothing more spectacular than this Flyboard Saxophone Show. It brings together two essential elements that make any Ibiza themed party a success: chill out music and visual attractiveness. Our flying saxophonist and flyboard rider are based in Ibiza, which means they can bring the essence and the good vibes of the island to your event, wherever it takes place. If you’re hosting a water party or foam party, they can be the ideal choice.

Chill Out Set

Best Ibiza Themed Parties and How To Recreate Them

An Ibizan party without chill out music can’t be considered as such. For those afternoon and evening occasions recreating events like the Water Party that takes place every year at Es Paradis or the Flower Power Party at Pacha. Our Chill Out Set is the perfect live music entertainment option for this type of occasions. This string quartet can be an alternative to sax players and they can add a touch of sophistication and glamour to VIP parties, especially those taking place outdoors.

Live DJs and Musicians Spain

Best Ibiza Themed Parties and How To Recreate Them

This group of Live DJs and Musicians can offer a complete musical experience. They can sing and play modern and innovative sounds and add a futuristic dimension to your party with the LED and laser lights they use for their nightclub performances. These party entertainers have experience performing in clubs and at prestigious events and are guaranteed to take your party to the next level with their energy and charisma. Ideal live music entertainment option if you’re recreating daytime events like Es Paradis’ Water Party or night parties like David Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous. 

Female Fusion Group

Best Ibiza Themed Parties and How To Recreate Them

Speaking about talented musicians, our Female Fusion Group can be the female version of the group above. Consisting of a DJ, a violinist, a sax player and a vocalist, this quartet is sure to be a hit at any party, but especially at an Ibiza themed event. They have all the elements to make a party a huge success: talent, charisma and style. They provide the perfect recipe for rocking parties and make guests party until dawn like if they were at any top Ibiza nightclub like Amnesia, Space or Pacha.

60s Rock Band

Best Ibiza Themed Parties and How To Recreate Them

If you would like to recreate Pacha’s Flower Power Party, you will definitely need some musicians that perform 60s rock classics. This 60s Rock Band can be the perfect choice, as their repertoire includes some of the most popular tunes of this decade such as the electrifying ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ by the Rolling Stones and the hippie hymn ‘All You Need Is Love’ by The Beatles. In addition, these live musicians can follow the dress code for the occasion, so you can be sure your guests will feel they’re watching an authentic 60s group.

Hippie Stilt Walkers

Best Ibiza Themed Parties and How To Recreate Them

Speaking about flower power parties like the one held in Ibiza every summer, some themed characters like these Hippie Stilt Walkers can be the perfect addition for occasions like those. Ideal for daytime events – especially beach parties -, these giant hippies will bring the true essence and authentic spirit of the 60s to your Ibiza themed party. They can roam around with posters and slogans of love and peace and heart-shaped props. They can add a colourful and retro touch to your party. They will make sure guests at your party feel like they're on  the Mediterranean island, even if it’s only for one night.

Summer party entertainment for your occasion

A home for hippies and bohemians, this beautiful and exotic destination is also a place of worship for electro music lovers and partygoers. Celebrations and parties taking place during the day can be hosted by singing mermaids and chill out saxophonists. They not only offer smooth background music that creates a relaxed atmosphere, but they’re also something visually worth witnessing. Flower power parties can be embellished by themed stilt walkers and the evening amused by a 60s rock band. On the other hand, nightclub parties can be a good opportunity to see seductive burlesque showgirls, LED female dancers and water percussionists perform.

Planning an Ibiza themed summer party has never been easier and at Scarlett Entertainment we’re committed to make things easier for you. If you’re hosting an Ibiza themed party and would like to know more about the acts and artists we can offer, don’t hesitate to contact us today and ask for advice. Our team of experts will be happy to give you more ideas and guide you thorough the booking process if you’re interested in booking some of our summer party entertainment. Call us on 01626 572072 or fill in our contact form.

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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