Attention-Grabbing Exhibition Stand Entertainment in Germany

Attention-Grabbing Exhibition Stand Entertainment in Germany

Germany is the number one global destination for trade fairs and exhibitions. Famous for hosting three out of five of the world’s largest exhibitions and over 22 major MICE venues in total, two-thirds of the world’s leading trade fairs take place in Germany with over half of the 170,000 exhibitors coming from abroad.

Exhibitions are held all year round, and the following months will see the European Sign Expo held in Cologne in May; several high-profile automotive exhibitions in Stuttgart including the Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo in June; and METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST in Dusseldorf!

With nearly 10 million visitors descending on these trade fairs and exhibitions across the year, how do you attract even just a small portion of this footfall to your stand? Obviously, the positioning of your stand plays a big part but also ensuring that your branding is on point and that there is engaging entertainment to excite and entice passers-by is hugely important.

At Scarlett we know what people want to see and what gets them excited, so here are some of our best acts that will have crowds flocking to your exhibition stand!


Audience participation


Engaging visitors with audience participation is a sure-fire way to ensure that your stand receives maximum attention and footfall as word spreads around that you have some extraordinary entertainment on offer that everyone is dying to have a go at!

Attention-Grabbing Exhibition Stand Entertainment in Germany

Everybody loves a magician – a digital magician even better! This ipad magician is an award-winning internationally acclaimed magician with a spectacular digital close-up magic show that will blow spectators away. Armed with his iPad, he can look through walls, mix cocktails and even bring photos to life! Cue audience participation as he borrows willing participants’ iPods and smartphones to further enhance and bring a personal touch to his amazing routine. He can incorporate company logos, messages, products and themes into his routine offering a great way to get potential clients involved and thinking about your company. 


Attention-Grabbing Exhibition Stand Entertainment in Germany

This digital magician is unashamedly the most decorated iPad magician on the planet having won several prestigious awards! During his routine, he uses specially developed apps to add a unique interactive capability to his startling illusions. No digital feat it too small or too big for this amazing acclaimed performer; he can pour beer out of a tap attached to his screen, pull oversized items out of his display (cue your new product!) and much more! The best at merging magic and technology his previous clients include Apple, Porsche and Lamborghini!


Attention-Grabbing Exhibition Stand Entertainment in Germany

Speaking of innovative modern entertainment, it is the age of the ‘selfie’ and what better way for passers-by to capture themselves at your stand than with the Super Selfie! Forget the selfie stick, this act balances a camera on a 7-metre high pole on his forehead to take a high-res wide angle picture capturing up to 7,000 people in one frame. Engaging and interactive, the super selfie means participants can receive a unique memento in real-time which they can share immediately online – meaning fantastic promotion for your stand and company! It also gives potential clients a unique fun experience with which they will associate with your company for years to come!


Something fun


Everybody loves to get something for nothing and what better way to draw potential clients to your stand than with an amazing caricaturist! Many caricaturists can have company logos pre-printed onto the paper they use for the caricatures or even do a quick sketch of your logo or message on the. Not only does it make your company memorable in the moment, it also gives potential clients something to look back on and remind themselves of your business!


Classic with a hint of colour

Attention-Grabbing Exhibition Stand Entertainment in Germany

Based in Nuremberg, David is a talented artist and will have no problem drawing crowds to your stand. Offering hilarious mementoes drawn in pencil, ink or watercolour completed in as little as 2 minutes, David’s caricatures are incredibly accurate with staple exaggerated features! Renowned for his high-quality work, potential clients taking away his works will no doubt have them framed and on display – with your logo on their wall!


Full Colour


Attention-Grabbing Exhibition Stand Entertainment in Germany

World-record fast caricatures in FULL colour! Offering amazing caricatures that are illustration quality, Gero turns it up a notch and will have everyone who passes by wanting to have their caricature done by him. A holder of 10 world records in quick caricatures, this amazing live event caricaturist has that extra wow-factor that will make your stand stick out in the minds of potential clients.



Attention-Grabbing Exhibition Stand Entertainment in Germany

The new age of caricatures! Having worked as a caricaturist for international companies including Coca-Cola, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Marcel has a wealth of experience providing entertainment for high-end clients. He creates amazing digital caricatures that can be sent via email or printed on site and given away on the spot! A projector allows his caricatures to be viewed in real-time by passers-by – another great way to intrigue potential clients and get them interested.


Crowd-Stopping Entertainment


Stand out from your competitors with some wow-factor entertainment that will attract potential clients. From short 5 minute explosive demonstrations to eye-catching walkabout acts, whether they are interactive or purely for show, having high-impact entertainment on your stand will make all the difference. Acts can usually incorporate logos, themes, colours and text in their costumes and performance helping to convey key messages in a way that will leave a lasting impression.


Attention-Grabbing Exhibition Stand Entertainment in Germany

Football freestylers never fail to impress – whether you love it or hate it; football is a universal language and a great way to impress potential international clients. They can always wear t-shirts branded with your company logo or message and incorporate products into their performances. Our football freestyler from Munich is one of the best and has amazed audiences around the world with his incredible ball skills including corporate audiences at events for Adidas, Shell, Song, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola and UEFA. With a wealth of experience interacting with potential clients at exhibitions, Daniel knows how to captive passers-by and move them to the exhibition stand and point of sale!


Attention-Grabbing Exhibition Stand Entertainment in Germany

Interactive robots are another great way to draw a crowd and engage audiences at your stand. NOX is one of our most famous robots and based in Germany he is perfect for all the upcoming trade shows and exhibitions. A unique blend of high-tech costumes, comedy, street theatre and special effects, NOX is an expert at amazing and entertaining potential clients! A unique and innovative advertising platform for your brand: he can light up in your company colours and display company logos on his chest screen. He can also hand out flyers and promotional materials – who would say no to this friendly giant!


Attention-Grabbing Exhibition Stand Entertainment in Germany

Combing show-stopping flair skills and the know-how to create delicious cocktails and mocktails, our mixologists from Berlin provide unique and creative mobile entertainment with a personal touch that will have people flocking to your exhibition stand! They can help you develop bespoke drinks that represent the ‘essence’ of your company or brand, as well as incorporate branding into the bar itself. Passers-by will stop to watch in amazement as they fling, juggle, and twirl glasses, bottles and tumblers through the air without breaking a single one! They can also add in a little flame action for that extra wow-factor. Their team can speak German, English and Spanish, making them the perfect choice for exhibitions with an international footfall.


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