Acts Fit for Royalty: Wow Guests with our Royal Variety Performers

Acts Fit for Royalty: Wow Guests with our Royal Variety Performers

An annual extravaganza of entertainment fit for kings and queens, the Royal Variety Performance promises to present the very best international talent year after year. 

A fun-filled evening spanning exceptional comedy, music, dance, magic and more, a variety show format is a fantastic opportunity to treat guests to a sample of a whole host of entertainment disciplines. 

Working as well today as it did for the first time back in 1912 during King George V’s reign, Royal Variety Performers through the ages have delivered VIP entertainment in the presence of the Royal Family - an honour and an accolade that propels their career in the industry. 

Exploring past Royal Variety Performances got us thinking about all the incredible cabaret acts on our roster; some of which are already Royal Variety performers, and some of which should be! Hiring a number of artists for a variety show makes fantastic VIP entertainment for gala dinners, fundraising events, corporate parties, incentive events and much, much more. 

Why not create an unforgettable evening for guests with your very own selection of cabaret acts and hire a variety show from our extraordinary roster of performers? We take a look at some of the best cabaret acts on our books across comedy, dance, music, magic and more... 


Lost Voice Guy

Lee Ridley AKA Lost Voice Guy may not be able to talk, but he definitely has something to say, and his comedy will leave you speechless! Gaining a reputation for being both very funny and completely unique, he became the first comic ever to win Britain’s Got Talent in 2018 and went on to perform for the royal family at the Royal Variety Show.  

While disability and living with cerebral palsy are central themes to his act, Ridley’s stand-up covers a breadth of topics from roasting the political establishment to the country’s welfare system.


Acts Fit for Royalty: Wow Guests with our Royal Variety Performers

Lost Voice Guy performed for Royalty last year after winning Britain’s Got Talent

1920s Comedy Gangsters Show

Two fine jugglers, dancers and entertainers, this slick duo brings back the stylistic spirit of the early twentieth century Italian American Mob with a comedy twist. 

Riding in on an amusingly small vintage car, real glass bottles and glasses, as well as vintage suitcases, go flying around the stage amidst a flurry of tap dancing and live saxophone in an all-encompassing cabaret style silent comedy act.


Acts Fit for Royalty: Wow Guests with our Royal Variety Performers

Hilarious VIP entertainment for themed events from our 1920s Comedy Gangsters



Geisha Dance Troupe

A Geisha dance troupe that has turned Japanese tradition on its head and astounds audiences with thrilling choreography, vibrant costumes and perfect synchrony. These Japanese dancers pop in animation-style dance to hit music whilst paying homage to traditional Japanese entertainers, Geishas. 

Taking inspiration from robots and delivering exquisite slow-motion choreography, this unique dance act would not be out of place being performed for royalty.


Water Projection Dance Show 

Royal or VIP audiences will be mesmerised by this one of a kind dance show that sees performers interact with holographic video content projected onto a water screen. 

With every water projection dance show and 3D water projection show varying in size and configuration, our team of specialists can create water screen projections for both indoor and outdoor use, with and without performers and can also incorporate lasers, special effects and more groundbreaking possibilities.




Only Boys Aloud

Since its formation eight years ago by Tim Rhys-Evans, the inspirational music director behind renowned male choir Only Men Aloud, Only Boys Aloud has offered once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to hundreds of boys across South Wales to perform on platforms large and small across the UK, as well as numerous TV appearances and recordings. 

Only Boys Aloud performed for the Royal Family in 2013 in the gardens of Buckingham Palace for a festival concert celebrating the 60th anniversary of the coronation of the Queen.


Acts Fit for Royalty: Wow Guests with our Royal Variety Performers

Our all-male choir, Only Boys Aloud, has performed for Royalty at Buckingham Palace

Alfie Boe

Famously discovered whilst singing at work in a Lancashire car factory, Alfie Boe is now one of the best-loved vocalists of his generation.

From operatic roots at the Royal College of Music and Royal Opera House to the Broadway boards, Alfie was chosen by Baz Luhrmann to star in his 2002 revival of ‘La Boheme’, for which he won a Tony Award. 

A favourite of royal occasions, Alfie has performed for royalty multiple times - for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012 as well as her 90th birthday concert in 2018. 




The Sacred Riana

A terrifyingly brilliant stage show that is centred around the mystical and supernatural, The Sacred Riana is a force to be reckoned with and one to keep a close eye on at all times. Summoning spirits and moving objects using telekinesis our grand illusionist puts on a scary stage show that is not for the faint of heart. 

An almost silent grand illusionist who only speaks in warnings, The Sacred Riana interacts with guests and performs a range of close up magic as well as grand illusions that involve zombies, possessed doppelgängers and much more.


Acts Fit for Royalty: Wow Guests with our Royal Variety Performers

Add drama to your VIP entertainment variety show with the chilling illusionist, Sacred Riana!


Magician and Mentalist

Having wowed judges on Britain’s Got Talent, opened stadiums and arenas for rock stars, and performed to countless audiences internationally, our stage illusionist is certain to leave a lasting impression on your guests!

A young and contemporary performer on the scene, our Magician and Mentalist will entertain and mystify audiences with his stunning and sophisticated sleight of hand. Able to create bespoke routines for special events and VIP guests, he’s one of our top cabaret acts.


Acts Fit for Royalty: Wow Guests with our Royal Variety Performers

Our Magician can create bespoke shows for VIP audiences

Hire a Variety Show for your Event

Offering hundreds of opportunities to tailor cabaret acts in a mix and match format to suit the needs of your event perfectly, creating your own show of Royal Variety performers is enormously fun. 

Having picked your favourite comedy, dance, music and magic cabaret acts, don’t forget your master of ceremonies! Hosting your event and ensuring everything runs smoothly, a charismatic MC will charm your audience between acts and courses. Let the show begin!


Contact Us for More

Planning a special event, dinner or corporate party? Our team of experienced Entertainment Experts are on hand to help you develop a concept, choose your theme, and pick out the best acts from our exceptional roster. Get in touch and let’s create something extraordinary!

__By Freya Britton

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