A spotlight on... Burlesque Performer Cari

A spotlight on... Burlesque Performer Cari

Cari, you have a lot of different acts in your repertoire. I know that some of them were inspired by renowned Burlesque performers (like Dita von Teese) but where did you come up with the ideas for your other shows?

The show is foremost a tribute to the Burlesque legend Dita Von Teese.  I have performed bespoke shows before and my own acts and the inspiration comes through music, many golden era films and shows.

Of all your shows, which one do you most enjoy performing?

I really enjoy performing the Martini/Champagne glass show as it's always well received by audiences. I debuted the Opium Den show last year. This is completely different to anything I've ever done. It's much darker and more dramatic. So I really enjoyed performing something completely different.

A spotlight on... Burlesque Performer Cari

Tell me a bit about your new routine, The Opium Den, it looks fantastic!


Thank you!  Again fully inspired by Dita's Opium Den. The set is huge - 8ft -9ft.

This transports audiences to china. The character it self that I'm portraying is a mysterious Dragon Lady, laying in a sumptuous den smoking an opium pipe. Smoke fills the air and the opulent Swarovski covered costume is removed layer by layer.  The Opium Den performance culminates with the sound of Chinese drumming and a huge confetti expulsion ends the dramatic act.


What do you think distinguishes you from other artists in this scene?


I'm the only Dita tribute in the world! I would say the show repertoire of epic props and costumes!


A spotlight on... Burlesque Performer Cari

Scarlett Entertainment has booked you for events around the world - what have been some of your highlights?


There has been so many!  I really enjoyed performing for Paris Latsis Birthday in Athens recently.  The attention to detail of the event was amazing.  Also performing in Beirut for the launch of the new range rover was pretty cool and another highlight was Zimbabwe.  The client was kind enough to ensure that I saw the wildlife at a beautiful animal sanctuary in the wilderness! 


 If you had to describe what you do in three words - what would they be?


Entertain, Tease and captivate!


Is there any particular person you would like to perform for, or perhaps a venue or locations where you would like to perform?


I love performing in old hotels or stately homes because it has such a gorgeous feel and it really sets the scene of the show.  I'm yet to add the states on to the map so I hope to get a booking over there someday soon.  I would love to perform for so many people of course... mywish list inludes Prince, Bowie and Kylie!



What are your future plans? Are there new shows and ideas that you are working on?


I am constantly changing, improving and adding more to my repertoire to make it bigger and better.  I'm currently working on setting up a new show, something that is a very traditional Showgirl show with a troupe of five girls, with a strong Parisian theme which can be booked alongside my Dita tribute Show. Think of the famous burlesque and cabaret shows in Paris – like at Le Lido - and this is the sort of thing I’m aiming to recreate!  The costuming alone for the show has taken well over a year to create.  We have a special choreographer on board who is currently working on the BBC's The Voice. I can't wait to share this project with Scarlett Entertainment so that it can be performed for events around the world.


__By Marcus

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