A Guide To Organising The Ultimate St Patrick's Day Celebration

A Guide To Organising The Ultimate St Patrick's Day Celebration

It’s that time of year again: time for the craic and blarney (fun and good chat) and being a little immoderate with the Guinness. Our Irish party ideas will give you all the tools you need for the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day, with food, drink, live music and a Celtic theme that will have your feet stomping. 

That’s right: it’s Paddy’s Day. The famous patron saint of Ireland (who was actually Welsh) is remembered in all manner of fun activities and you’ve got time in hand to sort out some unforgettable entertainment for your St Patrick's Day celebrations. 

A potted history of St. Patrick first. Born in Britain under Roman rule, he was captured by pirates and transported to Ireland, converting to Christianity and spreading the faith throughout the Emerald Isle. This was after returning to mainland Europe for a bit of travelling. He also did everyone a favour by banishing all the snakes from Ireland by going without food for a while, standing at the top of a hill, then chasing them into the sea; a well-known method for spooking snakes. 

But more than as a Christian saint, St. Patrick represents Ireland itself, and any celebration of his person is a celebration of Eire.  

Whether organising a gigantic shindig for hundreds or a gathering of a few close friends, at Scarlett we can get your party swinging in true Irish style. There are literally hundreds of options for entertainment wherever you are in the world, and we can ensure that you get the best option for your event.

What's Your Tiple?

A Guide To Organising The Ultimate St Patrick's Day Celebration

To get Paddy’s Day off to a roaring start, you could do the sensible thing and nip over to Dublin. Of course, it’ll be busy - one of the busiest nights on the Irish calendar - but if you plan far enough in advance you can book yourself some fantastic entertainment. A huge parade, live music, Irish dancing, singing, gregarious costumes and a carnival spirit all celebrate the Irish nations, and most Dubliners will celebrate with a hearty meal with a few close friends. 


If you are stuck in your native town, however, you can arrange for some smashing craic to make it feel as though you’re in the thick of it. We’ll talk you through party options so that you’ve got all the choices you need at your fingertips.


A Guide To Organising The Ultimate St Patrick's Day Celebration

Traditional Irish music is some of the most distinctive in the world. Everyone knows the iconic sound of an energetic fiddle accompanied by a guitar, but there’s more to it than that. 


There are traditional Irish instruments that you’re unlikely to hear outside of the country itself, such as the Uillean pipes, the bodhran drum and the huge assortment of whistles that comprise a properly authentic Irish sound. We’ve got bands like this all over the globe, with the Irish Ceilidh Band Paris, the Irish Band London, and even our Singapore Celtic Folk Duo!


Many of our acts will use one or more of these truly Irish instruments, and booking such an act will mean the difference between a good Patrick’s Day and a great one. We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love proper Irish music, and most people can’t help tapping their foot or dancing along.


For something a bit more contemporary, we’ve groups that bridge the gap between yesterday and tomorrow. The Ceilidh Band London give their traditional tunes a modern vibe and we’ve got dedicated folk-pop covers bands like our Mumford and Sons Wedding Band.


A Guide To Organising The Ultimate St Patrick's Day Celebration

You won’t be able to help yourself from dancing around to any Irish act worth their salt, swinging partners and so forth. But after a fair bit of the black stuff, it’s usually best left up to the professionals.


For a staggering stage show, book a group of our Irish dancers. This unique dance form makes dancers keep their upper bodies, including their arms, rigid the majority of the time while their legs do rapid and confusing things. It’s a feat of extraordinary skill that will have audiences whooping and cheering as though they’re in Temple Bar. We’ve got dancers for parties of any size - from a full Riverdance-style show to something a bit more intimate


A third option is to book yourself an Irish ceilidh (or céilí in Irish). These are similar to Scottish ceilidhs and involve a caller giving you and your friends dance moves while a band backs you up with the music. The dances are easy and social, so even those with two left feet can have a great time. It’s fun and impossible to take seriously, so there are no snooty snobs getting iffy about form. Check out our Burns Night article for more details.

Eating And Drinking

A Guide To Organising The Ultimate St Patrick's Day Celebration

If you happen to be one of those people that doesn’t like Guinness, there is a faint glimmer of hope. There are still a myriad of Irish drinks available to make you feel in the mood for an Irish party (oddly, an Irish coffee isn’t one - that was invented in San Francisco - but we’ll throw it in for good measure). 


But why go to all the trouble yourself when objective #1 is to party? You could hire one of our mobile bars to keep the whiskies lined up, or you could hire a mixologist to put you on a show while making you drinks. 


The traditional St. Patrick’s Day food is Guinness, but to make sure you don’t succumb to its effects too early on why not book one of our global cookery workshops that let you design your own menu, learn to cook it, and then chow down on your own Michelin-star worthy creations? It’s great interactive entertainment to get a party started, and with such a heady night on the cards, you’ll want to line your stomach with something special. 


And if you just wanted to leave the leg work to a top-notch professional - and we don’t blame you - then we’ve a huge range of catering solutions like these food stands that can suit your Irish theme.


Paddy’s Day is usually a night that people go out and carouse with friends and strangers alike, in true Irish spirit. But if you can bring the party to you, whether you’re a high-profile venue or connoisseur of private parties, then you’ll be the person talked about when everyone says “Do you remember that St. Patrick’s Day party?”.


So if you’re ready to get your Paddy’s Day event, including music, food and drink, off to a roaring start, then contact our team of dedicated entertainment coordinators today. 


__By Jonathan Cripps

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