A Festive Future - Space Age Entertainment to Take Your Guests to Infinity and Beyond

A Festive Future - Space Age Entertainment to Take Your Guests to Infinity and Beyond

With technology and innovation very much at the forefront of current event trends, now is a great opportunity to showcase futuristic entertainment and transport your guests light-years into the future. 

Why host a ​space age themed party? 

Science fiction has dominated pop culture for decades and, to an extent, has actively influenced scientific and technological development in the constant strive for a utopian future. Our own personal vision of the future is almost entirely based on what we have seen in films, TV and read about for the last hundred years. 

Most people, given the chance, would like to take a glance fifty, a hundred or even a thousand years into the future just to see what it is like. This is why hosting a space age party is guaranteed to impress your guests. Not only is it a popular themed corporate entertainment option but it gives you the opportunity to impress attendees with some fascinating acts and brilliant technology. 

Futuristic party ideas using our ground-breaking themed corporate entertainment

You can easily run wild with futuristic party ideas and believe you can take your guests to the moon and back. The key is to bring the moon to your guests using notions of science fiction and some of the best space themed entertainment. Firstly, it is important to establish the exact theme of your space age party. Are you looking for your guests to experience the wonders of space travel, the universe and interstellar exploration or a step into the world as we know it but years into the future? We are very creative with our futuristic party ideas and can offer the best themed corporate entertainment options for you and your event guests. 

At Scarlett Entertainment we have an abundance of state of the art and space themed entertainment that can be curated to create an experience that mirrors a potential vision of the future. If you are looking for futuristic party ideas, we can deliver a wide range of space themed entertainment all the way through to ground-breaking futuristic entertainment that is way ahead of its time. 

Interactive futuristic entertainment for your space age party

In recent years, research has proven that events benefit highly from interactive entertainment. This comes in many shapes and forms and two of the most accessible options are a walkabout act or an interactive installation. For your space age party you should consider these options.

Interactive Event Robots

A Festive Future - Space Age Entertainment to Take Your Guests to Infinity and Beyond

These Interactive Event Robots come from one of the most advanced robotics company in China and are clearly a vision into the future services that can be provided by robots. The endearing, free roaming and multifunctional robots are everything you could expect from the world of tomorrow and the most accurate futuristic entertainment currently available. They are able to serve, protect, educate, promote and entertain. We have several of these astonishing machines located all over the world and they can be completely tailored and programmed specifically for your event.


Read about when Bloomberg used this clever event robot to drive footfall at an exhibition



Silver Aliens 

A Festive Future - Space Age Entertainment to Take Your Guests to Infinity and Beyond

These ultra shiny extra terrestrial beings are a completely fascinating roaming act and the ultimate in sophisticated space themed entertainment. Putting aside any stereotypes of little bug-eyed green people from Mars, these very stylish and very elegant walkabout characters are an eye catching act for any sci-fi themed event. Featuring two stilts walkers and a small moving UFO, the striking silver aliens will turn heads as they make their way around your event and light will bounce off their stunning costumes.


Visually striking space themed entertainment for unforgettable experiences


When compiling your futuristic party ideas it is essential that you consider a type of show you want. Your guests are far more likely to remember your event if you provide them with an attention grabbing spectacle, even if it’s just for a few minutes.


Galaxy Video Mapping Show

A Festive Future - Space Age Entertainment to Take Your Guests to Infinity and Beyond

Video mapping has for a long time, and will carry on doing so for many years, been a very intriguing type of stage performance that not many guests ever get to experience in their lifetime. Our Galaxy Video Mapping Show is a conceptual modern dance and video mapping performance with holographic projections and it takes viewers on a journey through the universe. Clever choreographies make it look like the performer is manipulating to visuals and it creates a wonderful 3D stage show.


White LED Performers

A Festive Future - Space Age Entertainment to Take Your Guests to Infinity and Beyond

This white themed LED act is a form of futuristic entertainment that combines some of our most popular performances in one stunning package. The all-white faceless sci-fi characters are illuminated crystal white LEDs and will deliver a range of dance and circus shows that use white LED props. Offering both a stage show and freestyle roaming options, this white themed corporate entertainment will bring an unforgettable interactive element to your party.


Space age party venue decoration and catering

A Festive Future - Space Age Entertainment to Take Your Guests to Infinity and Beyond

It is good if you can find a venue to accommodate your theme but don’t worry if you can’t. As we are looking at a vision of our future you can easily choose any venue, even a historical building, and give it a sci-fi twist with event decor.


LED lighting is so widely available these days that it doesn’t take long to transform your event venue into a neon dreamscape. LED dance floors transform the performance area, strategically placed LED strips can be used as mood lighting. Many of our pop-up bars services have creative consoles with LED lighting and unique look which can immediately change the appliance of the venue. Being creative with food and drink guarantees that your future themed party will become a very memorable experience.


When it comes to food and drink for your space age party, contact us and we’ll discuss our range of fantastic ideas from edible mist orbs to the unique cocktail pearls. However if you really want to impress, consider an option such as the Immersive Table Mapping service like we have in the UAE. Using state of the art projection mapping as well as surrounding LED screens, they can create a fully immersive environment and take your dining guests to location whether it is a space station, the moon or futuristic building, the choice is yours.

A Galaxy of options and we’re here to help you navigate them


Contact our expert team to book your space themed corporate entertainment. Our team will happily suggest futuristic party ideas for New Year’s Eve celebrations, staff get-togethers, corporate occasions and much more.



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