8 Of The Fastest Entertainers in Our Roster

8 Of The Fastest Entertainers in Our Roster

If you’ve booked with us before you’ll know that we’re incredibly fast.  Responding to initial enquiries within 24 hours, we’re faster than fast, but we bet you don’t know just how fast some of our acts are.

We’ve picked out a selection of our fastest entertainers, from speed painters to Dervish dancers, some of which hold Guinness World Records. Perfect if you’re holding an event with the theme of efficiency or speed, these speed demons will also really impress audiences with abilities that few people in the world can attest to having!

High Speed Electric Violinist

You won’t believe how quickly he can play unless you’ve heard it. Our incredible high-speed electric violinist can perform popular songs at the speed of light – well almost. He won the Guinness World Record for ‘Fastest Violinist in the World’ in 2011 when he played the whole of Flight of The Bumblebee in 53 seconds, pretty impressive!


He’s also an extremely talented violinist when he plays at normal speed having released several critically acclaimed albums, composed pieces for mega-stars and shared stages with the likes of DJ Shortcut and K-Maro. He’s also a dab hand at improvisation.

Dervish Dancer

8 Of The Fastest Entertainers in Our Roster

Prepare to feel a little bit dizzy after this one! Dervish whirlers are known for just that, whirling around in circles in the traditional Sufi style of dancing. One of our Dervish dancers won a Guinness World Record for the ‘Most Sufi Whirls in One Hour’ – that was 2,191 whirls. We don’t think we’d be able to recover after that!


The dance itself is actually a traditional form of active meditation through which dervishes aim to reach kemal (the source of all perfection). Able to perform in traditional white or vibrantly coloured dresses, our tanoura dancers are utterly mesmerising to watch. This authentic act is perfect for cultural events.

Coffee Artists

This brilliant duo holds the Guinness World Record for ‘World’s Fastest Bartenders’, a title they claimed by making 623 coffees in one hour! That’s just over 10 coffees a minute. A feat that quite frankly seems impossible when we consider how long it takes us to make just one in the morning.


These coffee baristas are also fine artists able to make beautiful sculptures with the foam and imaginative designs atop the foam using food colouring. Able to work at such a speed they are perfect for large-scale events as well as small-scale, serving hundreds or tens of your guests with delicious coffee in no time at all.

Quick Change Performers

The clue is in the name with this act. Our quick-change performers hold a Guinness World Record for changing costumes an impressive 19 times in just two minutes!  


In their full stage show, which is available to book for events, our quick-change performers showcase 27 stunning costumes and dance routines in an 11-minute extravaganza. This show must feel leisurely for our quick-change artists in comparison with their jaw-droppingly rapid world record performance. It’s not less impressive though.

Rubik’s Cube Solver

Our Rubik’s Cube Solver will really impress with his lightening quick performance. He can solve a Rubik’s Cube in just over 7 seconds when pushed, and has an average speed of just over 9 seconds, that’s incredibly swift! He can also complete a Rubik’s Cube one handed and blinded folded – the mind boggles.


A regular competitor at international championships our Rubik’s Cube solver can complete a whole range of different sized and shaped cubes in addition to the traditional 3x3. His faster than fast act is perfect for exhibitions, trade shows and corporate events where you need to grab attention quickly.

Football Freestyler John

Our incredible football freestyler holds five world records, one of which is the Guinness World Record for ‘Most Football Touches With the Heel in 1 minute’, with 154 heel touches. We can almost feel the burn!


One of the best football freestylers in the UK, John’s high-impact, adrenaline filled performances are the perfect way to energise event attendees, whether it’s a sporting event, corporate event, or sports brand activation.

Face Changing Act

In this traditional Chinese performance our mask change artist creates the illusion that he can change the colour and pattern of his mask with just the flick of the head, swipe of the fan or wave of the hand. If you blink you’ll miss it, so keep those eyes peeled!


Also known as Bian lian, mask changing is an ancient Chinese dramatic art, which emerged as part of the Sichuan Opera. The exact techniques used by mask change performers are known by very few, and even those that know the techniques can spend decades trying to master them. This utterly captivating authentic Chinese performance is perfect for themed and cultural events.

Speed Painter Dave

Our speed painter Dave is able to create a 4x5ft portrait in just six minutes, that’s pretty fast. Performing to a high-energy soundtrack, Dave’s speed painting shows are dynamic, theatrical and packed full with anticipation.


Perfect if you’re looking for a high-impact performance lasting just a few minutes to fit in with your event timings, our speed painter really is a speed demon and his energy won’t let up throughout the show. With a huge repertoire of stock portraits, Dave can also create bespoke portraits with just a week notice.  

Book Fast Entertainment Fast

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into our fastest performers and their specialisms. Covering an extremely diverse range of performance types, these acts are suitable for a vast array of events, from exhibitions, to sporting events, to charity fundraisers, to cultural celebrations… the list goes on.


If you’d like to learn more about hiring one of these acts for your event, get in touch via our online enquiry form or call 01626 572 to talk to one of our entertainment coordinators.


Let us know which is your favourite by tagging us on Twitter @scarlettent.


__By Alanna Bestwick

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