5 Ways to Incorporate Live Art Into Your Event

5 Ways to Incorporate Live Art Into Your Event

A universal language that can speak to all audiences, art offers event planners a singular opportunity to engage with event attendees on several emotional levels.

Whether you want to capture a special moment on canvas, entertain audiences with a short high-impact show, create an art installation in real time or involve guests in the creation of a mural, live event art comes in all shapes and forms with a range of versatile applications.

We’ve chosen some of our favourite and most unique art based entertainment options covering a broad range of art disciplines to show you exactly how you should be incorporating live art into your event.


1) Art Installation

5 Ways to Incorporate Live Art Into Your Event

Art installations are a great way to add a point of visual interest to events and create a focal point that is guaranteed to act as a fail-safe icebreaker.


Using only recycled materials and spray paints, our sculptor and artist creates incredible 3-dimensional works of art that can be created live at your event or prior to and moved in on the day. He specialises in creating animals but his spectacular art installations can also incorporate any image, branding or even product and be produced on any surface. This versatility makes him perfect for corporate events and product launches, as well as for companies with a strong eco ethos, environmental events and trade shows.


These amazing art installations really do have to be seen to be believed and can be situated inside or outside your venue in any setting.


2) Ambient Entertainment


5 Ways to Incorporate Live Art Into Your Event

Remember those 3D cube puzzles with the multi-coloured squares? You spent most of your childhood trying to master that art, but could never get close to that one show-off that could complete it in seconds.


Well in this very different kind of Rubik’s cube art, our internationally renowned artist creates stunning mosaics made out of Rubik’s cubes. He uses all the individual coloured squares on the faces of the Rubik’s cube, as well as the cube itself to create the image, making his live event art all the more impressive.  


This type of live art works best as ambient entertainment for corporate events, product launches, brand reveals and exhibitions. Our Rubik’s cube artist can create mosaics portraying VIP guests, logos, and celebrities – any design you desire for your event. Working on creating the finished piece throughout your event, there is plenty of opportunity for bystanders to get involved in solving Rubik’s cubes and guessing at what the finished work will be.


For the grand finale, he can finish the mosaic live on stage.


3) Roaming Entertainment


5 Ways to Incorporate Live Art Into Your Event

Taking a departure from the usual mediums used to create caricatures, our extreme caricaturists combine pyrotechnics with portraiture to create a unique live art experience for guests!


Our caricature artists can create sketches in an average of 84 seconds using a burning sparkler, meaning they are a great choice even for larger events. Of course, safety is key so our artists also wear protective masks with a distinctly industrial look, which is perfect for themed events and only adds to the air of intrigue before they start performing.


This is exciting art based entertainment that many guests will have never seen before. Their roaming nature means that they can easily bring entertainment to every part of your event and are particularly good for drinks receptions, corporate events, Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.  


4) Interactive Station


5 Ways to Incorporate Live Art Into Your Event

Giving event attendees the opportunity to get involved with art-based entertainment, and the chance to get creative is a great way to ensure they forever associate your event with a fun experience.


This fantastic animated iPad art open session invites audiences to get involved and with experienced operators on hand to guide participants through the simple controls the results are truly inspired. All the colourful messages, scribbles and drawings created by attendees are compiled to produce an epic animation that can then be projected onto any surface for all to admire.


Able to transform any location into an authentic creative space, this unique open session works really well at brand experiences, product launches and corporate events. Animated iPad Art actively gives attendees a way to participate in a collaborative activity, which sees a unique result that can never be replicated in quite the same way at any other event.


5) High-Impact Performance


5 Ways to Incorporate Live Art Into Your Event

Speed painters offer explosive high-impact performances that are perfect for gala dinners, product launches, logo reveals and conferences where a short snappy performance is needed to engage, entertain and expound in a short space of time.


Usually lasting from 5 to 8 minutes our Speed Painter Dave’s jaw-dropping performances are a fantastic live art entertainment option offering clients speed and flexibility. Able to speed paint a range of music icons, celebrities and film characters, our speed painter can also learn VIP portraits and anyone else that isn’t already in his repertoire. He can even perform glitter speed painting and add sparkle to New Year’s Eve and Christmas celebrations.


Able to cater to events with tight time frames, speed painters can be fitted into almost any part of your event.


Of course, these are just a tiny snapshot of the wealth of live event art options that we have available to book for events. Now that you’ve seen just how easy it is to integrate a live art performance into any event you can explore our extensive roster of live event painters, graffiti artists, sculptors, sand animation artists, body painters, mural artists, animated art acts and 3D artists. Click here to discover all of our Art Based Entertainment.


__By Alanna Bestwick

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