5 Tactics to Increase Social Media Engagement at Events

5 Tactics to Increase Social Media Engagement at Events

With social media and real time user generated news challenging mainstream media, the need to build a digital community to engage event attendees at events has become increasingly popular.

As event attendees become more and more digitally literate and engaged with digital networks, content and news, finding new ways to reach every demographic at your event can seem like a daunting task.

Kim Benjamin of Cei Magazine examined the ways in which companies and brands can bridge the gap between events, drawing on the expertise of industry leaders who collectively believe in the importance of online engagement.  

Drawing from Benjamin’s insightful article and our extensive roster of entertainment services, we have compiled a go to list of the 5 tactics to increase social media engagement at events.

1.     Encourage Meaningful Interactions From Attendees

When hosting an event be sure to keep in touch with your attendees regularly to get them excited about the occasion. By carefully considering your locations, entertainment options and speakers, we recommend you choose activities that will excite your guests to act, post and share.

5 Tactics to Increase Social Media Engagement at Events


Flower walls and interesting backdrops are a fantastic way to engage with your attendees as this stylish trend boasts the perfect Instagram photo that we know any social media fanatic will want to share with their followers!


In addition to decorative backdrops encouraging attendees to share photos and post on social media, unique entertainment options are also a fantastic way to boost online sharing and engagement at your event. Our Rubik Cube Artist and Coffee Caricaturist create a buzz amongst your attendees as they create their fascinating artwork out of unusual materials and substances making for engaging content that guests will want to share with their friends and followers.


5 Tactics to Increase Social Media Engagement at Events


You can keep attendees engaged about your event by sharing content about what is to be expected at various times, adding new elements every time you post on social media and sticking to the same hashtag to describe your event. This not only ties all of your posts together but encourages your attendees to use your hashtag when they post about your event.


2.   Utilise Technology To Increase Social Media Engagement


It is undeniable that we are living in an ever changing world that is becoming more digital every day. This technology can, when used smartly, be used to keep the ‘buzz’ around your event going by creating a more meaningful, personalised and engaging experience for attendees.


Photobooths boast a fantastic way to engage your guests and capture moments that they will want to share online. With advanced photobooths available, our experts can create visuals that are fun, innovative and branded. With a clear logo or message on every image, your attendees will not only be excited by the interactive element but when they share photos online, your brand and company is instantly involved in the online communication.


5 Tactics to Increase Social Media Engagement at Events


3.     Drive Traffic to Your Event Online


Choosing an act or service that interacts with your guests both on and offline is very effective for increasing social media engagement at your event. 


Digital magicians do just that, performing a show that involves your guests. They can also perform tricks that require attendees to download an app or follow the brand on Twitter and Facebook to be included in the show. This is an effective way of encouraging your guests to perform an action such as follow you on social media, sign up for an e-newsletter or provide their contact details.


5 Tactics to Increase Social Media Engagement at Events


An example of driving traffic to an event both on and offline is our hilarious Donald Trump impersonator. During the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland in Union hired our Trump impersonator to meet with former first minister Alex Salmond for a clever PR stunt ‘#Tartan Trump’. Our Donald Trump impersonator interacted with people in the streets, gave speeches and appeared next to Alex Salmond for a photo call. The PR stunt utilised the hashtag #TartanTrump to start online conversations and engaged with audiences effectively at the event and even after the occasion on social media with 131 likes, 27 retweets and 21 comments on just one of their many Tweets about the campaign.


4.     Encourage Your Attendees to use Social Media at Your Event


Get your attendees to engage with your event online. To do this you need to encourage them to share their experiences and tag your company and/or event in their posts. An interactive tactic for encouraging posting on social media is to include a hashtag wall. 


A live hashtag wall allows guests to see their posts on the big screen, encouraging others to post and also see what everyone else is sharing! This also drives traffic to your chosen hashtag and to your brand. 


5 Tactics to Increase Social Media Engagement at Events


5.     Capture Your Event


After the event your attendees will want to look back on the occasion and share it with their followers and friends. Filming live content for use at a later date is key to extending event reach and lifespan of audience engagement. This not only adds a buzz during the event but also provides useful marketing material for the future.


5 Tactics to Increase Social Media Engagement at Events


Social media is an effective tool that helps increase brand awareness, visibility and authenticity and when used correctly, it can really enhance a brand and make an event stand out from the rest.



Practice Makes Perfect!


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