25 Quick Tips To Organise an Authentic Oktoberfest Party

25 Quick Tips To Organise an Authentic Oktoberfest Party

You’re 25 quick tips away from the perfect Oktoberfest Party!


Oktoberfest origins date back to 1810 when crown prince Ludwig got married and he celebrated it over five long days and nights. This royal event became the first Oktoberfest party ever and it paved the way to one of the most traditional celebrations in Germany and in the world. Nowadays, Oktoberfest takes place in Munich and it’s celebrated in all corners of the planet.

These days, people from different countries and traditions organise their own Oktoberfest parties, and they always try to host them as authentically as possible. Bavarian culture has become so popular that people from different races and traditions celebrate Oktoberfest like genuine Germans. At Scarlett Entertainment we love to make event organisers’ lives easier, which is why we bring you the ultimate Oktoberfest party guide that summarises all the points that must be checked when organising an authentic Oktoberfest party.y.

Choosing the right venue for your Oktoberfest party

25 Quick Tips To Organise an Authentic Oktoberfest Party


1. Bare in mind capacity and budget:

Ask yourself the following questions: how many guests am I expecting? What is my budget? Answering these first two points will help you choose the appropriate venue for your party. 


2. Choose a venue with indoor and outdoor spaces:

Considering most Oktoberfest celebrations take place in Autumn, it would be wise to choose a venue that has both indoor and outdoor spaces. Choosing the right venue for your Oktoberfest party is easy. Any garden, backyard and large open-air space can be suitable for it. Our recommendation: A beer cellar, open-air in a field or under a marquee, in a barn...


3. Pick an easily accessible venue:

An authentic Oktoberfest party involves lots of beer, so considering guests will probably drink a few, it’s important to take into account if the venue is well-connected and if there’s public transport available nearby. Some of your guests may consider getting there by car, so it’s also worth checking if there is any extra charge for things such as parking.               


4. Take noise restrictions into account:

Oktoberfest parties are not quiet celebrations, so don’t forget to check if the venue is subject to noise restrictions.


5. Keep in mind the weather might change:

It’s crucial you keep in the back of your mind some unforeseen situations you may need to face. Make sure you have a bad weather contingency plan if it's an outdoor venue and double-check the venue’s cancellation policy before signing on the dotted line.


Catering, decorations and costumes for Bavarian themed entertainment


25 Quick Tips To Organise an Authentic Oktoberfest Party

Photo Credit: Anandoart


6.Keep it red, black and yellow!

A wide range of decorations is available for Oktoberfest events. In this regard, our main recommendation is the following: pick decorative elements with an appropriate choice of colours. Red, black and yellow (Germany’s flag colours) are sure to add authenticity and patriotism to any Bavarian party.


7. The importance of dress code:

We’re talking about Bavarian themed entertainment, so don’t forget to ask your guests to respect the dress code for the occasion!


8. Beer and more beer!

In Oktoberfest, all revolves around beer, so if not the first, this is one of the most important things to consider when thinking about catering and beverages. Beer tasting services can be a great activity for those who’d like to explore new and different tastes. Our Beer Academy can be perfect beer tasting experience for your party. 


9. Big large tables are a must:

Large groups of friends usually attend this type of celebrations, and they’d love to sit together and enjoy the party as a group, so ensure you make it possible by renting large tables at which they can all sit.


10. German flags everywhere!

Flags are a great addition to Oktoberfest celebrations. Bear in mind this is the most famous German tradition of all and Germans feel especially proud of it, so it’s important to remind people where this party’s origins are by decorating your venue with some Germany flags. Providers such as our Bespoke Event Décor suppliers can assist you with this.


11. It’s not an Oktoberfest party without Pretzels:

Delicious and crispy pretzels are snacks that everybody would expect to find at your Oktoberfest party.


25 Quick Tips To Organise an Authentic Oktoberfest Party


12. German sausages must be on the menu:

What would an Oktoberfest party be without German sausages? They’re a big part of the German cuisine and are especially demanded and consumed at Oktoberfest parties. 


13. Beer tents for outdoor events:

If you're hosting an outdoor party in a big open-air space, then beer tents are a must. Depending on the space available, you can rent different tent sizes. Our Mobile Bar in Berlin can be customised especially for your Bavarian celebration and can be set up inside the tents. 


14. Fireworks for a great ending:

What's better than fireworks to let people know you’re celebrating something? Bring colour to this occasion with Private Party Event Fireworks providers, who can create custom fireworks especially for each event. Remember our recommendation about the appropriate choice in colours? Put it into practice!


15. Immortalise the occasion:

A party without pictures can vanish in the fogs of memory. Ensure your Bavarian theme event is not only an occasion that gets people talking, but also a party that will be forever remembered. For that, photo services like our Customisable Event Photo Booth are the ideal solution.


Oktoberfest live entertainment


25 Quick Tips To Organise an Authentic Oktoberfest Party


16. Oompah bands keep it genuine:

When it comes to Oktoberfest live entertainment, music is what everybody thinks of. Live musical ensembles such as the above Bavarian Oompah Band is the type of live music entertainment that will make your event an authentic Oktoberfest party nobody will want to miss.


17. Pay tribute to Oktoberfest origins:

What about having King Ludwig and Sissi hosting your party? These actors will transport your guests to the 19th century and make them feel like they're at THE authentic Oktoberfest party.


18. Dancing is also an essential part of the party:

Considering booking dancing crews like these Bavarian Folk Dancers will guarantee your celebration becomes the seasonal event everybody talks about.


25 Quick Tips To Organise an Authentic Oktoberfest Party


19. Look for unique ways to offer guests a beer:

What a better way to offer drinks than with Roaming Human Tables? And better than that, these roaming tables can become Bavarian beer girls especially for your occasion. What a better way to offer drinks than with Roaming Human Tables? And better than that, these roaming tables can become Bavarian beer girls especially for your occasion. 


20. Parades can be a great way to encourage guests to join the fun!

Walkabout music shows like the one performed by our Funk Brass Band offer the perfect opportunity to take a break from eating and drinking.


21. Walkabout musicians keep the energy going:

Talking about parades, walkabout performances such as the one delivered by the one and only The Queen of Oktoberfest can not only provide your celebration with an authentic German flavour, but make people follow her around singing and dancing!


22. Book bands that offer something unique:

They are guaranteed to make a difference. It’s the case of this Oktoberfest Party Band, a musical ensemble consisting of seven musicians dressed in traditional Bavarian outfits, but that will not only perform Volkmusic but modern and international classics.


25 Quick Tips To Organise an Authentic Oktoberfest Party


23. Circus performances can also be a great addition to the event:

For example, this Customised Contortion Act can be adapted, so the versatile contortionist who executes it can dress up as a Bavarian girl. She can offer guests drinks with a big smile and in a bizarre, original and unique contortion posture.


24. Book entertainers that make your event interactive:

Stilt walking acts are one of the most versatile forms of entertainment and a great way to make a party interactive. 


25. Mix tradition and modern elements:

For example, Bavarian themed acts such as this Lederhosen Breakdance Show combines tradition and modern dance styles, which can definitely catch your guests’ attention and make your party a unique Oktoberfest experience.


Explore further Oktoberfest themed entertainment


The above Oktoberfest party guide is the ultimate checklist for event organisers. You can host the most authentic Oktoberfest party by following our recommendations. Keep in mind that the venue you choose, the decorations, catering and outfits will really make a difference. Last, but certainly not least, Oktoberfest live entertainment is guaranteed to put people in the party mood.


If you’d like us to suggest other Bavarian themed acts for your party, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our entertainment experts on 01626 572072 or by filling in our online enquiry form. They will be happy to assist you and answer all the questions you may have about all the different possibilities.

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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