10 Top Tips on How to Make Your Super Bowl Party a Touchdown

10 Top Tips on How to Make Your Super Bowl Party a Touchdown

One of the biggest sporting events in the calendar that is widely celebrated and watched all over the globe, renowned for the suspense-filled game, out of this world half time shows and funny commercials – everything about the Super Bowl oozes with entertainment and excitement. It’s not just the Americans who go all out with their Super Bowl parties: hundreds of people from England to Australia tune in to watch the spectacle that is the Super Bowl.

And what better way to do it than to throw an awesome American football themed party whilst you watch the big game!

We have compiled some of the top Super Bowl party ideas along with a handful of our very own acts from around the globe and traditions you may not have heard of, to present you with the recipe to throw a Super Bowl party as ever imagined.


1) First Things First: Tribute to Past Halftime Shows

10 Top Tips on How to Make Your Super Bowl Party a Touchdown

There is no better way to throw a Super Bowl party that leaves an impression than by paying tribute to past halftime performances. Ranging from Lady Gaga to Queen B or the King of Pop himself, the wide array of tribute shows available make the perfect appetizer for a crowd craving for WOW factor entertainment. With Maroon 5 taking the Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz stadium by storm next February 3rd, the list will continue to grow this year with some of the most iconic superstars and bands in the world. 


Our recommendations: Lady Gaga Tribute Donna and Reflection: an MJ Tribute


2) Book Halftime Shows That Make an Impact

10 Top Tips on How to Make Your Super Bowl Party a Touchdown

Why not be just like the pros and come up with your own halftime show ideas? As your party is in full swing, offer your guests some live entertainment to make them feel as if they are right there in the stadium soaking up the atmosphere. A fantastic way to celebrate the Super Bowl as well as watching fabulous performances from top artists and performers in addition to the show-stopping entertainment coming live from your TV. 


Our recommendations: Aerial Drummers USA


3) Cheerleaders

10 Top Tips on How to Make Your Super Bowl Party a Touchdown

No USA themed event and American football themed party is complete without cheerleaders! The clue is in their name, they are the leaders of cheer, the go to for high energy, feel good entertainment that is packed with glamour, immense skill and impressive choreography. The ultimate entertainment for any sporting event – not to mention the staple entertainment and encouragement for American football! Cheerleaders will not only electrify the room with their upbeat personalities but they will instantly bring the essence of the Super Bowl to life with their all-American uniforms. 


Our recommendations: All-female Dance Troupe


4) American Football Party Ideas to Take your Guests Back in Time...

10 Top Tips on How to Make Your Super Bowl Party a Touchdown

The entertainment par excellence, marching bands were the very first Super Bowl halftime performers. A classic entertainment option for sporting events on American soil, marching bands were the stars of this global event until the late 90s. Once fully entered into the 21st century, Madonna made a nod to this Super Bowl classic by inviting a drumline to join her on stage for her superb performance. Are you ready for a journey back in time? e show. 


Our recommendations: Marching Band USA


5) ...or Take Them Forward Into the Future

10 Top Tips on How to Make Your Super Bowl Party a Touchdown

Aware that halftime shows are almost as renowned as the actual games, there is no better proof of this than the artists who grace the pitch with a full-blown WOW factor performance! Throughout the history of the Super Bowl, we’ve seen Beyonce dancing alongside holograms of herself, the Black Eyed Peas transforming the arena into an LED extravaganza and Lady Gaga using drones to create a moving flag in the sky. What’s next? Our proposal: blend past and future with a drum troupe that makes use of LED technology to create an immersive and extraterrestrial ambience in the dark. How does that sound?


Our recommendations: LED Drumbot Las Vegas


6) Quick and Impressive: Art on Stage

10 Top Tips on How to Make Your Super Bowl Party a Touchdown

If the time you’re given for halftime entertainment is limited don’t worry: we’ve got you covered! An artist who is no stranger to performing show stopper performances, the below speed painter impresses your guests with an act that embodies everything the a halftime show stands for: WOW factor and jaw-dropping entertainment! For example, this talented artist can transform empty canvases into portraits of famous players such as Tom Brady or Joe Montana of art in just a matter of minutes. Just choose an image and let viewers be impressed by a riot of colour, rhythm and music!


With Travis Scott recently announcing he has partnered with the NFL to donate $500,000 to the Dream Corps charity, the best thing about booking a speed painter for your Super Bowl party is that, once finished, the painting could be given away to raise money for a non-profit organisation!


Our recommendations: Speed Painter California


7) Take Sports to an Extreme Level

10 Top Tips on How to Make Your Super Bowl Party a Touchdown

To throw a Super Bowl party that is extra special, book a stunt team that defies the ordinary. Flying over 10 feet in the air on extreme pogo sticks throwing down flips and incredible tricks, the below stunt riders and their extraordinary sport is among our favourite halftime show ideas. Happy to wear branded clothing, these performers can represent each playing team by wearing their kits. Bringing the spirit of the Super bowl to life, stunt performers are a must-have for any American football themed party.


A guaranteed hit for all American football themed events and an impressive addition to have at your Super Bowl party!


Our recommendations: Pogo Stick Display Team


8) An Act that Embraces your Team Colours

10 Top Tips on How to Make Your Super Bowl Party a Touchdown

The kings of halftime entertainment, acrobats are a go-to act when it comes to sporting events. Well-known for their super-human skills and flexibility, acrobats are living proof of what the body is capable of. Leaving crowds speechless with their gravity-defying leaps and thrilling acrobatic routines, they are world-class gymnasts who not only leave people talking about their undoubted talent, but also about how they elevate the fan experience by embracing your colours. Dressed in your team’s colours and badges at your event, they turn your party from a good one into a great one! 


Our recommendations: Chicago Acrobatic Team


9) Take your Super Bowl Party to New Heights

10 Top Tips on How to Make Your Super Bowl Party a Touchdown

Quite literally! Bring the magic of circus and take your super bowl party to outstanding heights with a Russian bar act, all at once! With few circus performers mastering this discipline in the world, there is no doubt why a Russian bar act is such a popular entertainment option. Requiring heights of up to 23ft to be able to perform their routines, Russian bar acrobats boast a daring performance that appeals to all the senses and focus a whole stadium attention in the centre of the field.


Our recommendations: Russian Bar Trio Las Vegas


10) Easy, Effective and Shareable Décor Ideas


So you are almost ready for your guests to arrive. Now you just need to get your venue looking the part, so what better way to bring your USA themed event to life than to add a giant American flag to the walls. Not only does this bring the essence of the Super Bowl to your party, but it acts as a great backdrop for photo opportunities. But why stop there? You can even hire your very own digital photo wall complete with green screen technology to transport your guests to the big game! Create lasting memories of your Super Bowl party with a personalised Super Bowl background that lets you share the photos instantly with your social media followers.


Our recommendations: Virtual Photo Wall



Now all you need are the finishing touches, add red cups and balloons for the ultimate USA themed event, complete with Super Bowl pennant flags, banners and American football themed plates and serviettes. Voila! You are ready for the big game so sit back, relax and enjoy your incredible American themed entertainment!


So there you have the top tips for hosting big game festivities at your Super Bowl party, along with how to score a touchdown-worthy event that is a hit with all of your guests.


Super Bowl begins on February 3rd 2019! For further American themed entertainment ideas or if you need help planning your Super Bowl party, contact our Entertainment Specialists at scarlett@scarlettentertainment.com.

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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